For those who are looking for the best service possible, there are many luxurious 5-star hotels available in Iran. These hotels have received their ranking based on international standards and therefore, offer the best service. 

Iran Top 5-star Luxury Hotels

If you’re looking to experience a deluxe stay in Iran destinations, the following are some of your best options:

Espinas Palace Hotel (Tehran)

With a rating of five stars, Espinas Palace Hotel is the largest, most luxurious hotel in Tehran with a unique and modern design, located in one of the best areas of this city.

It was opened in the month of Aban, 1394. It is owned by the Espinas chain of hotels and has a unique view. This hotel has 20 floors with 400 rooms and luxury suites with sublime interior design, equipped with all modern hotel facilities.

Other amenities include several conference halls, offices, a gym, several restaurants such as French, Thai, Mediterranean, and traditional Iranian restaurants, a shopping center, a beauty salon, fast food restaurants, a tennis court, and a spa.

The price for reservation will differ between 70 to 398 euros depending on the type of room.

Espinas hotel Website

Espinas Palace 2_Iran_5_Star_Hotels_Iran_Top_Luxury_Hotels_Cheetah_Adventures

Espinas Palace Hotel

Darvishi Hotel (Mashhad)

Darvishi Hotel is a five-star hotel located in Imam Reza Street, Mashhad, Iran. This street is the main street leading to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.).

The hotel is 4.1 kilometers far from the holy shrine and is at a close distance to a subway station and BRT bus lines. 

Amenities of this special Iran hotel include waterpark facilities with specialized masseurs, dry and wet sauna, a Jacuzzi, Turkish baths, a gym, all with modern and luxurious design. 

The luxurious and plush Darvishi hotel opened to the public in 1390 and is one of the atrium hotels of Iran. This hotel has a glass-facade building of 25 floors and contains more than 220 beautiful rooms available for reservation. 

The average price for a reservation of a room for one night is between 80 to 460 euros.

Darvishi hotel website.


Darvishi Hotel

Golden Palace (Ghasr E Talaee) Hotel (Mashhad)

Golden Palace International Hotel is one of the most sizeable and lavish hotels in Iran, designed with unique architecture with international standards in mind.

It opened on the day of Eid al-Fitr in the year 1389, in one of the main streets leading to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.).

Because of its proximity to certain tourist attractions such as the Tomb of Nader Shah, Gonbad Kheshti, the Tomb of Sheikh Bahai, Bazaar Reza, Astan Quds Razavi Museum, shopping malls, and the Goharshad Mosque, this hotel has proved agreeable to Mashhad’s tourists.

Several restaurants and coffee shops which serve a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes as well as facilities such as a pool, a sauna, Jacuzzi, spas, a pool hall, and a gymnasium, are available to guests in the Golden Palace Hotel to choose from and enjoy.

This hotel’s price range for different types of suites and rooms falls between – and – euros per night.

Ghasr Talaee website


Golden Palace (Ghasr E Talaee) Hotel

El-Goli Pars Hotel (Tabriz)

El-Goli Pars Hotel is a five-star hotel with an all-glass façade located in Tabriz, Iran, which opened to the public in Bahman of 1380.

This Iran five-star hotel is among the Pars Hotel series and one of the best resort options available in Tabriz. El-Goli Pars Hotel has 17 floors, which contain altogether 180 rooms and a revolving restaurant.

The park and zoo of El-Goli, sleigh-ride, Helia Waterpark, Kolah Farangi Mansion, Mehran River, Masjed-e-Kaboud (Kabood Mosque), and the Bazaar of Tabriz are among the tourist attractions in close proximity to El-Goli Pars Hotel.

Other hotel facilities include a pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, pool hall, game net, a gymnasium, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. Please heed the fact that the hotel is far from Tabriz city center and is a wonderful choice if you are looking for peace and quiet. The price for each room, depending on its type, is put between 50-135 euros per night.

Pars-hotel website.

Tabriz_El-Goli_Pars Hotel_Iran_5_Star_Hotels_Iran_Top_Luxury_Hotels_Cheetah_Adventures

El-Goli Pars Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel (Hotel Bozorg E Shiraz) 

Shiraz Grand Hotel, located in Shiraz, the birthplace of Iranian art and culture, in proximity to Qur’an Gate, was constructed in 1392. Shiraz Grand Hotel was designed with 13 floors according to international standards of five-star rated hotels and contains 158 rooms, which in summation comprise a capacity of 350 persons.

Amongst the distinct characteristics of this grand Iran hotel, proximity to historical, religious, and leisure sites can be named. The largest revolving restaurant in the country is located in Shiraz Grand Hotel, and the boat-resembling design of the building, calls attention from afar.

The approximate price for a night’s stay in this hotel falls between 22 to 52 euros. . By making a reservation at Shiraz Grand Hotel, you may use the pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and gym facilities every day until 6 P.M. free of charge.

Shiraz-hotel website.


Shiraz Grand Hotel

Parsian Azadi Hotel (Tehran)

Azadi Hotel, or Height, is one of the oldest hotels of Tehran and Iran, its construction dating back to the 1970s. Needless to say, the edifice has since undergone reconstruction, under the observation of Swiss, Italian, and Chinese experts.

It was equipped with amenities to international standards and was added to the series of Parsian Hotels since the year 1370. This five-star hotel is comprised of 470 rooms benefitting from wonderful design, in 26 floors facing Alborz mountain range and the beautiful city of Tehran.

The hotel’s facilities include several highly embellished ceremony halls, a traditional Iranian foods’ restaurant as well as foreign dishes, which are served inside the well-decorated restaurant or outdoors, several coffee shops, a commercial center, a well-equipped sports complex which includes an indoor swimming pool, dry and wet sauna, Jacuzzi, spa, traditional baths, coffee shops by the water and the most modern bodybuilding equipment.

The price for one night’s reservation is put between 60 to 425 euros.

Azadi hotel website.


Parsian Azadi Hotel

Zandiyeh Hotel (Shiraz)

Zandiyeh is a five-star hotel, which is the newest of Shiraz, opened in 1394. This Iran luxury hotel has 6 floors and 72 rooms that have been designed adhering to traditional Iranian architecture and aesthetics.

Among the advantages of this hotel, one can name easy access to Iran’s historical and leisure sites including Vakil Complex, Pars museum, Nasir ol Molk Mosque (Masjed-e Nasir Al Molk, Pink mosque), Arg of Karim Khan(Arg-e Karim khan), etc.

Other amenities include conference halls, a pool, Jacuzzi, traditional baths which bring to mind Zand Hammam, a tea shop and traditional restaurant, commercial centers, a coffee shop, and a gymnasium.

The average price estimated for one night’s reservation of a room in this hotel falls between 80-300 euros.

Zandiyeh hotel website.


Zandiyeh Hotel

Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel (Tehran)

Parsian Esteghlal (previously named hotel Hilton) is a five-star hotel; owned by Parsian chain hotels which were opened on 8th of Azar, 1341.

Parsian Esteghlal hotel is comprised of 15 floors and possesses two west and east towers, which opened in the years 1341 and 1351 respectively.

Parsian Esteghlal hotel is situated in one of the best areas of Tehran, which grants it ready access to the longest street in the Middle East and the most beautiful street of the capital, Valiasr Street.

Moreover, the hotel is located in close proximity to Tehran International Exhibition Center, Milad Tower, Tochal Telecabin (gondola lift), commercial centers, and leisure sites. Parsian Esteghlal hotel is in possession of two east and west towers, comprising more than 550 luxurious suites and rooms equipped with modern utilities.

Furthermore, the hotel has 11 seasonal and all-year-round restaurants, offering a wide variety of Iranian, foreign, and seafood meals. Other facilities of the hotel include two conference halls, a pool, a gym, et cetera.

The price of reservation in Parsian Esteghlal Hotel, depending on room type, falls between 50-310 euros per night.

Esteghlal hotel website.


Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel

Arg-E-Jadid Hotel (Yazd)

Arg-E-Jadid is a four-star hotel, recently constructed adhering to historical architecture aesthetics and designs, and was opened in the year 93 in the historical city of Yazd.

Arge-E-Jadid holds 150 residential suites, designed with traditional architecture and furnished with congenial amenities. The architectural design of Arg-E-Jadid is sure to astound you; the view from outside of the hotel is that of brick-and-mortar, whereas once you enter, modern facilities emerge.

Breakfast restaurant, lunch, and dinner restaurant, halls for celebrations and conferences, sports complex, and handicraft retailer include the facilities of this hotel.

Arg-E-Jadid Hotel is situated in close proximity to Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, and reaching the city center or visiting tourist attractions takes only a 10-minute car ride.

The price range for one night’s stay in this hotel, depending on the room type, is between – and – euros.

Yazd arg hotel website


Arg-E-Jadid Hotel

Dariush Grand Hotel (Kish)

Dariush Grand Hotel is one of the best hotels on Kish Island, and one of the most famed hotels in the country.

This five-star Iranian hotel was constructed in 1383 in the northeastern area of Kish and was inspired by the architecture of Ancient Persia and the Persepolis. Consequently, the hotel’s edifice itself is regarded as one of the tourist attractions of Kish Island.

It is comprised of 184 residential resorts. Dariush Grand Hotel, with its delightful view of the shores of the Persian Gulf and its Achaemenid style of design as well as its modern leisure facilities, is one of the best options of the resort on Kish.

A waterpark complex, a private lake, and sports fields are but a few of these facilities. The price for a room, depending on the type, differs between – and – for each night.

Dariush grand hotel

Dariush_Grand Hotel_Iran_5_Star_Hotels_Iran_Top_Luxury_Hotels_Cheetah_Adventures_Kish_Island

Dariush Grand Hotel

Barin Hotel ( Shamshak)

The edifice of Barin hotel is an architectural masterpiece, which was awarded second place prize in Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Category in Chicago in the year ‘90.

Barin Hotel’s architects were inspired by Eskimo Huts to build this 10-floor hotel, consequently, Barin Hotel is otherwise called Shemshak’s Eskimo Hotel.

The white, porous façade of the edifice is also reminiscent of bone tissue, much akin to the architecture of buildings in a science-fiction movie. 

The interior design of Barin Hotel, which is also known as Shemshak’s Gole Yakh Ski Resort (Ice Flower) conforms to the interior design of an igloo and therefore, is considered an unprecedented architectural composition among Iran’s mountain range hotels.

A breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains is visible through the hotel’s windows, and architects have endeavored to create the best sight possible for the revered guests who choose Barin Hotel as their resort.

Barin Hotel website.


Barin Hotel ( Shamshak)