About Cheetah-Adventures

Founded in 2015, Cheetah Adventures is a travel agency comprised of travel enthusiasts and environmental activists. 

The name was chosen this way to support the endangered Persian (Iranian) Cheetah, also known as the Asian Cheetah.

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The Persian Cheetah’s habitat once ranged from the Arabian Peninsula and Near East to Iran, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Afghanistan and from Pakistan to India. However, today this beautiful cheetah only inhabits the areas around Dasht E Kavir desert in the eastern half of Iran, including parts of Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd, Tehran, Semnan and Markazi provinces.

We, alongside Iranian People, try our best to save this endangered animal. We’ve named our travel agency after this magnificent creature to raise awareness about its beauty and its situation among travelers, hoping that this way we can fulfill a part of our duties towards the environment.

Here at Cheetah Adventures we aspire to give travelers coming to Iran a wonderful and memorable experience.  

We believe that safety, peace, adventure and joy should be alongside respecting the environment and make it a priority in our tours.

Our customers will remember the Persian Cheetah by the unique experience they gain travelling with us, and as more travelers find out about the Persian Cheetah we might have a chance to preserve this  amazing animal and fulfill responsible tourism . 

We love travelling and adventure and wouldn’t trade the pleasure we get by hearing “we had a wonderful trip “from our customers for the whole world.

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