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Climb Mount Damavand, The highest volcano in Asia with Private Small-Group Guided Damavand Tour

Many features such as safety, elevation, and the chance of success make the magnificent Mount Damavand a reasonable choice for those who dream of conquering mountains in this elevation range. Furthermore, the sensation of being free, strong, and courageous that you’ll get standing on Damavand peak will make it one of the most memorable moments of your life. Cheetah-Adventures travel agency has successfully held many Iran adventure tours especially Iran trekking tours. Years of experience in operating Damavand trekking tours with some including more than 20 people have given us the expertise necessary to ensure our travelers will experience a wonderful Damavand trek. We greatly value the safety and satisfaction of our travelers and aspire to give them their ideal trekking tour. Furthermore, our mountain guides are highly experienced in operating Iran trekking tours and will be by your side throughout your journey to Damavand summit. If you’re ready for a new challenge and a great adventure Mount Damavand is waiting for you.

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Climb Damavand with Budget-friendly Damavand Tour Prices & Services

Mount Damavand, located in the north of Iran (Alborz Mountain Range), is the most prominent peak in Iran and the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia.

This potentially active volcano is 5610 meters higher than the sea level. This number is measured by special altitude measurement devices such as GPS. Some People falsely believe that Mount Damavand is 5671 meters high but the exact number is 5610 meters.  Its relative height, determined by comparing the height of the peak to the lowest valley between Damavand and the nearest higher peak, is 4661 meters, placing it on the 12 spot between the world’s highest peaks.

The minimum real-feel temperature, considering the effect of the wind is -60 degrees during winter. In other seasons especially months like July and August the temperature is around zero in the highlands of Damavand and normally stays between 5 to -5 degrees.


The best time to climb Damavand: Damavand Climbing Season

During winter and early spring (December to late March), high altitude equipment is essential for trekking Damavand due to its extremely cold weather.

Early in the spring especially late February and March, weather is unstable and finding a suitable weather window is challenging.

The best time to climb Mount Damavand, regarding safety, ease and the length of weather window periods, is mid-June to September.

During this period the weather is more stable, however the damavand climbing season may begin 2 to 3 weeks earlier or end later depending on the amount of rain/snow fall and the previous winter and spring weather.

Damavand Mosque in Goosfandsara Basecamp in June (3000m)

The most Beautiful month of Damavand

In addition to the pleasant weather, June is the most beautiful month of Mount Damavand. During this month Tulips and Poppies can be seen in Lar plain and the plains around Goosfandsara. In June, the remaining snow around Bargah E Sevom melts, causing water to run downstream and creating a beautiful view.

If you choose to conquer the Damavand summit in June instead of August and July (high season) you get to enjoy the magnificent landscape and amazing weather without having to deal with the crowd.

As we get closer to September, snow melts, the weather gets warmer and mountain climbing gets easier, therefore motivating a lot of mountain climbing enthusiasts to conquer Mount Damavand in July and August. Mount Damavand welcomes the maximum number of mountaineers in these two months. Bargah e Sevom and the main camp seem like a small town during the weekends of July and August (Iranian off days are Thursday and Friday).

Come October, weather temperature decreases and snowfalls more frequently as we get closer to winter. The freezing level also decreases during this time and it can get as low as zero degrees in areas near 1500 high.

Climb Mount Damavand with experts

Damavand Trekking tours are not normally available during this period. However in case you have enough experience, suitable winter equipment and you’re in an appropriate physical shape, it’s possible to conquer Damavand summit safely, accompanied by our certified and experienced guides. Here at Cheetah Adventures, we have celebrated multiple successful Damavand tours in winter.

Damavand Tours

Damavand Tour Packages: Experience climbing Damavand with Cheetah-Adventures Expert Guides, at a Budget-friendly Damavand Tour Price

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Price: from 399€ 359€

Availability: June to October

Physical Rating: 

Days: 4

Nights: 3

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Price: from 649€ 599€

Availability: June to October

Physical Rating: 

Days: 7

Nights: 6

Group Departure:

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Price: from 399€ 359€

Availability: June to October

Physical Rating: 

Days: 4

Nights: 3

Group Departure:

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Price: from 1199€ 1099€

Availability: March,April,May

Physical Rating: 

Days: 8

Nights: 7

Group Departure:

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Price: from 549€ 499€

Availability: June to October

Physical Rating:  Physical Rating for Damavand Tochal Tour

Days: 12

Nights: 11

Group Departure:

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Price: from 799€ 699€

Availability: June to October

Physical Rating: 

Days: 10

Nights: 9

Group Departure:

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Physical Rating

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Starting from


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4 days


The southern route

Damavand (5610m)

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4 days


The north eastern route

Damavand (5610m)

Save 90€
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12 days


The southern route

Damavand (5610m) & Tochal (3960m)

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7 days


*More time for Acclimatization 

The southern route

Damavand (5610m)

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10 days


The southern route

Damavand(5610m) & Alamkuh (4850m) 

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8 days


The southern route

Damavand (5610m)

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Mount Damavand Unique Features

Why Damavand is one of the best mountains to climb!

Many features make Mount Damavand a great mountain climbing destination and Damavand trekking tour a trip you can’t miss.  Some of these features are:

  • Mount Damavand is 5610 m high: With 5610 m of altitude, Mount Damavand is the most prominent peak in Iran and the Middle East. Damavand peak is also the 12th highest in the world based on relative height.
  • Mount Damavand is a volcano: Mount Damavand is a potentially active stratovolcano. The sulfuric hills and the holes near Damavand summit that emit sulfuric gas are signs of its volcanic activities and some of its most unique features. In addition, Damavand Volcano is the most prominent one in Asia.
  • Damavand trekking is a budget-friendly adventure: Mountain climbing can sometimes be very costly. However, conquering the Damavand peak costs a lot less compared with other peaks in the same range of elevation.
  • You can conquer Damavand peak in only 5 to 6 days: Although the time it takes to conquer a summit depends on many factors, a normal trekking tour to Damavand summit takes less than a week.  As common Damavand trekking routes are rather normal ones and are not technically difficult, a successful and joyful journey up to the stunning Damavand peak and back usually takes 5 to 6 for the average person. So if you’re planning on spending less than a week trekking and still conquer a peak in the 5000 m – 6000 m range, Damavand is the perfect choice.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to visit Iran as well: Iran is one of the top travel destinations in the world according to the World Tourism Organization. Including a variety of historical and natural attractions, this beautiful country is a must-see. After your successful trek to Damavand summit, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the rest of Iran and immerse yourself in its history, culture, and arts.
  • You’ll have a greater chance of success: Being able to step on a prominent peak is every mountain climber’s dream and although the trek itself is joyful, reaching the summit is the ultimate goal. Between mountains in the same elevation range of Mount Damavand, you’ll have a greater chance of successfully conquering this one due to its nature.
  • Mount Damavand is relatively safe: Despite the minor inevitable risks that come with most adventures, safety is one of the most important aspects of any adventure tour or trekking tour.  Mount Damavand is very safe in comparison with similar peaks. The risk caused by natural means such as avalanches and crevasses is very low in Mount Damavand, thus making it a safe mountain for trekking.
  • You don’t need to be professional: Despite being 5610 m high, Damavand peak is not as hard to reach as its elevation might make you think. Most Damavand trekking routes are normal ones and don’t require any special equipment such as ropes or harnesses. In addition, not much professional experience is required to climb Mount Damavand unlike many of the similar mountains.  If you’re in a rather good physical shape, you’ll be able to step on Damavand summit after 5 or 6 days of normal trekking.

Damavand Tour cheetah adventures team climb damavand trekking tour package

Cheetah-Adventures Damavand Tour – 2019

Damavand Trekking Routes

There are 16 ridges available to conquer the Damavand summit through your Damavand Tour, four of which are most frequently used and the others are secondary. The main routes are as follows:

1-The northern route

This route begins near Nandal village and passes between two glaciers named Siole (on the right) and Dobi Sel (on the left). Two shelters are available on this route with the first one (known as Chahar Hezar) at 4700 meters of altitude and the second one, called Panj Hezar ,at 4600 meters.

2-The northeastern route

This route is accessible via both Nandal and Gazane villages and passes by Takht E Fereydon shelter at 4350 meters of elevation. Yakahr Glacier and the valley can be seen at the leftside fo the route, adding to its the charm .Many mountaineers believe the northeastern route is the most beautiful of all.

3-The western route

This route is accessible via Polour village and a long dirt road (2 hours) above Lar plain. This route passes by Simorgh shelter (4250 meters high). Lar Lake and the symmetric shadow of Mount Damavand at sunrise are a few of the beauties in this route.

4-The southern route

This route is accessible via both Rineh and Polour villages. This route connects to Goosfandsara or the main basecamp (3000 meters high) through a dirt road. Bargah e Sevom, located near this route, is the best equipped hut in Damavand. This hut offers facilities such as services staff, beds, toilets, electricity, dining room etc. Due to the cold winter weather from late November to late February, it’s necessary to make sure the hut is open and usable during this time by contacting the mountaineering federation or a travel agency like Cheetah Adventures. Bargah E Sevom was built 10 years ago and before that time this route only had a shelter like the other routes.

Damavand Easiest & Hardest Routes

Because of ease of ascending, facilities and easy access, the southern route is considered the easiest one. The hardest route is the northern route due to its steepness and lack of facilities such as mules and huts. 

Factors like the long dirt road and the probability of rock fall from above Simorgh shelter increase the risk of climbing Mount Damavand by the western route, therefore this route is rarely chosen for tours.

Damavand Tour FAQ

Damavand Climbing Tour Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an Iran visa for my Iran trekking trip ? How much does it cost? How long does the process take?

Obtaining an Iran visa normally takes around two weeks for citizens of most countries. The process takes between about 2 months and sometimes more for passport holders of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada (ABC nationals). Visa services are included in our Mount Damavand trekking tour packages. If you're not traveling with us, you can request a visa service or apply for it on your own. Check Iran Visa Page for more information on Iran tourist visa and visa fees.

When is the best time to climb Mount Damavand?

Damavand trekking season begins in mid-June and ends in mid-September. The best time to climb Mount Damavand is during the summer when the weather is stable and the warmest. You can also find detailed information about Damavand weather reading the Mount Damavand Page.

What level of physical fitness is required to climb Mount Damavand?

The level of physical fitness necessary to climb Mount Damavand depends on various factors such as your current level of physical fitness, experience in being at high altitudes, the length of your Damavand trekking tour, and the amount of time that will be spent trekking each day of the tour. Generally speaking, if you can afford 10 hours of hiking a day you can conquer the summit following the provided acclimatization plan and your mountain guide's tips. You can contact our professional mountain guides at Cheetah-Adventures for any questions regarding Mount Damavand, trekking, and medical matters. You can also get more information reading the article about Damavand Difficulty.

Can I rent the Damavand trekking equipment or do I have to bring them ?

Providing trekking equipment and clothes is not a service included in any of our Iran trekking tours. However, you can rent some of the equipment you don't have or can't bring from us. It's recommended to use your own trekking boots to make sure you're comfortable but you can rent other equipment such as sleeping bags, ground cloths, trekking poles, and clothes ( if available in your size). You can request the equipment you don't have after checking the list of necessary equipment for a Damavand trekking tour on our website.

Which of the Damavand trekking routes is the easiest?

The southern route is the easiest Damavand trekking route due to many factors such as having a gentle slope, being non-technical, and having many facilities at the Damavand camps on this route. The northeastern route is the second easiest Damavand trekking route. You can also find detailed information about Damavand trekking routes reading the Mount Damavand Page.

What do the meals during this Damavand trekking tour include? Are there any vegetarian options?

Yes, there will be vegetarian options as well. All meals and snacks served during your Mount Damavand trekking tour are provided by locals as it is one of the main principles of ecotourism. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by our cooks in Damavand camps. There are also some snacks you can enjoy during your Damavand tour, and there's always hot water available at the camps to make coffee and tea.

Will I have access to cellphone signals and WI-FI during my trek up to Damavand peak?

Yes, you'll have access to a cellphone ( mobile phone) signals up until near Damavand peak. You can ask Cheetah-Adventures for a portable Wi-Fi modem as a complimentary service. We recommend you focus on enjoying your Damavand trek on the summit day and don't worry about staying connected. Your guide can contact the camp using both his mobile phone and a walkie-talkie in case of emergencies.

What should women wear while climbing Mount Damavand?

Women can dress freely while at Mount Damavand. They can wear trekking pants, t-shirts and caps. However, a certain dress code applies to women when in the city while traveling in Iran. You can get complete information on Iran dress code Page.

What happens if the weather is unstable on the Damavand summit day?

Our experts will check the weather in advance and inform you if it will be unstable during your Damavand trekking tour; however, the weather is usually stable during summer when our Mount Damavand tours are performed. In addition, we normally include a back-up day ( reserved day ) to our Iran trekking tour itineraries in case such problems occur. You can also ask for an extra day during your Damavand trekking tour with an extra charge if it's not included in your tour package.

Can I add an Iran cultural tour to my Mount Damavand trekking tour?

Yes, you can choose one of the Iran cultural tour packages that you like from our website and book it for after or before your Damavand trekking tour. Our experts will help you choose the Iran tour package that suits you best based on your schedule and weather conditions. You can also request a customized tour in the Iran tailor-made tours page on our website. You'll receive a bundle discount if you book both tours.

Cheetah-Adventures Damavand Mountaineering Experts have answered tens of questions regarding climbing Damavand. Click to see them all.

Cheetah Adventures Mount Damavand Tours Trekking Climbing Damavand Mountain

Cheetah-Adventures Damavand Tours

Our greatest memories are often a result of the daring and adventurous decisions we make. In addition, challenging ourselves in different ways is one of the best methods of increasing our self-confidence and courage and end up with an unforgettable experience in the end. Sitting under a beautiful cloud cap, the mighty Mount Damavand is one of the best places for adventure tourism in Iran. With 5610 m of altitude, this lone mountain is the most prominent peak in the Middle East, the highest volcano in Asia and the 12th most prominent peak in the world. Mount Damavand is also one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran and Asia. Its unique attractions such as several natural glaciers, Damavand frozen waterfall, etc. attract many mountain climbers every year. Trekking in Mount Damavand can become a memorable experience and a once in a lifetime adventure for any curious mountain climber.

Damavand Mountain Difficulty

The high elevation of mount Damavand can be a little challenging for some mountain climbers; however, it is fixable with proper acclimatization. Regarding other factors, Damavand trek is not generally a technical one, therefore, those that are in good physical shape can enjoy a great Damavand trekking tour with and successfully conquer Damavand peak accompanied by a certified Iranian mountain guide.
It’s important to note that the aforementioned statement about Damavand climbing difficulty is true in the trekking season (mid-June to September) and through normal Damavand trekking routes (especially the southern route which is the easiest trekking route for Damavand climbing). It’s obvious that Damavand difficulty level changes in case of choosing technical routes or climbing Damavand another time.

Read more about Damavand Difficulty Level.

Abshar Yakhi , A frozen waterfall located at 5100 meters of height and available through the southern route

Read more about Mount Damavand Facts & Informations

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