Iran Safety in 2021 for Travelers

Whether you’re travelling solo, by a tour or with family your main concern is usually the safety of your destination.  With false notions about Iran on the rise due to recent political complications and the false picture painted by the mainstream media, some travelers may have the misbelief that Iran is unsafe. In the following article we’re about to change that arbitrary belief with rational reasoning.

Is Iran a safe travel destination?

Iran is generally a safe country. Violence against foreigners, racism and bad behavior are rarely seen in Iran . On the contrary you’ll find Iranians the kindest and most hospitable people in the world. Tourist reviews available on trip advisor and in personal blogs and the growth of the tourism industry in the past few years prove this claim. 

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Iran Travel Risk Map is iran safe safety

Iran Travel Safety: Iran is placed among countries with medium risk on the 2019 travel risk map, a list indicating the level of risk for traveling around the world . Countries such as Russia, Turkey, India, Philippines and Indoesia are also placed in this category.

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In terms of travel medical risk, Traveling to Iran has the same risk as traveling to China or Russia.

Stay with us as we go through the different factors of safety in Iran: