Terms & Conditions

Deposit and payment methods

Depending on the chosen tour package 15 to 25 percent of the total amount is required to be paid in advance  to confirm your booking . The remaining amount can either be paid 30 days prior to your trip start date or in cash after arrival in Iran.

Unfortunately, payment by credit cards is currently not possible due to sanctions against Iran. Thus, the amount of  deposit should be transferred to one of our bank accounts in Europe, the information of which will be available after you request a booking.

Note: In case a reason for the transfer is required by the bank, avoid stating “traveling to Iran “and only write travel. As some banks may cancel any transfer related to Iran, due to sanctions.

Cancellation Policy and Fees

In case you need to cancel your tour for any reason, a part of the deposit will be taken as cancellation fee and the rest will be refunded to your personal bank account within 10 to 15 working days. The amount of the cancellation fee varies depending on the number of days remaining until your trip start date.

Amount of the cancellation fee

More than 60 days prior to your trip start date: Free Of Charge

Between 30 to 60 days prior to your trip start date: 50% of the deposit

Less than 30 days prior to your trip start date: 100% of the deposit

Essential Information

International debit cards and credit cards cannot be used in Iran. Therefore, travelers are obliged to  bring all the money they may need in cash. (Preferably USD or Euros)

Our tour packages are available on multiple dates to guarantee our customers’ comfort.

The prices are based on packages organized for small group tours (up to 4 people). Bigger groups will have the advantage of a discount and solo travelers are required to pay a surcharge.