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    Attractions and Activities to enjoy your time in Tehran

Tehran Travel Guide

Things to do in Tehran, Activities, and Attractions

Visiting the capital of any country is a must when traveling. Tehran, the dynamic beating heart of Iran is no exception. The population of Tehran is almost 15 million people which is more than the population of most European countries. The grandeur and crowdedness of this metropolis may overwhelm you at first but once you around this city you’ll see it’s much more than traffic jams and tall buildings. This city gives you the opportunity to get a taste of the diverse cultures and lifestyles of the people in Iran alongside visiting historic palaces and museums. The cozy cafes of the capital are great for relaxing in the evenings and enjoying a cup of coffee whilst getting to know the lifestyle of young Iranians.

population>16 million
Summer Temperature28 °C to 38 °C
Winter Temperature5°C to  12°C
Significant AttractionsGolestan Palace-Sa’adabad Complex- Azadi Tower – Tabiat Bridge – Treasury of National Jewels – National Museum of Iran
UNESCO World Heritage SitesGolestan Palace
AirportsMehrabad International Airport

Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA)

Public Transportation (inner-city)Bus –  Subway(7 lines) – Rapid Bus(BRT) – Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)


Located at the foothills of Alborz mountain range, Tehran has a rather moderate and dry weather with cold winters and hot summers however; the weather in Tehran varies in different regions due to the city’s vast area with the north having a cool and delightful weather. In summer the temperature varies between 28 to 40 Celsius degrees and rain scarcely falls and during winter the temperature stays between -5 to 15 Celsius degrees. 

What to see in Tehran: Historic attractions

Tehran has been the capital of Iran for the last 250 years and is the best place to learn about the last two centuries of the history of Iran. After Agha Mohamad Khan the founder of the Qajar dynasty chose Tehran as his capital this former village started developing and became the most populated city of Iran. Later on during Pahlavi dynasty Tehran started becoming a modern city with hospitals and universities being built and streets getting paved. Today you can visit the amazing palaces left from the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasty and the museums available.

Golestan palace

This beautiful palace was built during the Safavid era and completed during the Qajar era. It was the official residence of the Qajar rulers and summer home of Pahlavi rulers. The decorations and architecture of it is inspired by the European palaces.

the golestan palace tehran cultural tour iran travel

Golestan Palace

Sa’dabad complex ( Sa’d Abad museum complex)

Built at the foothills of the mountain, Sa’d Abad complex was the residence of the Pahlavi rulers with each palace belonging to one of the members of the loyal family. Today this impressive complex is open to public, ready to amaze the visitors with its grandeur and beauty.

Sa’dabad complex Tehran Tour things to do cheetah adventures

Sa’dabad Complex

Niavaran complex

This cozy but sumptuous palace was built by the order of Mohammad Reza the last king of Iran and the Pahlavi dynasty. It was originally meant for guests of the royal family but became their home later. The combination of the Iranian and European architecture styles of this palace is rather unique in the country.

Ahmad_Shahs_Pavilion Niavaran Palace Tehran Tour Iran Travel Agency

Ahmad Shah’s Pavilion (Niavaran Palace)

Azadi tower

Azadi tower is the most well-known landmark of Tehran. It was built as a memorial for a special celebration celebrating the beginning of the Iranian empire by Cyrus the great. This tower includes several museums and galleries and during the night the special light effects create an ideal spot for photography.

Azadi-Tower-Borj-e-Azadi Tehran Tour Iran Travel Agency Cheetah Adventures

Azadi Tower, One of the main city symbols of Tehran. Azadi means Freedom.

Treasury of national jewels

Treasury of the national jewels is perhaps one of the most impressive museums of Tehran. The finest and most expensive pieces of jewelry in Iran, belonging to the members of the royal families are kept in this museum. Visiting the museum you’ll be stunned by the glory of these jewels and the royal family of Iran.

Daria-i-Noor Darya-ye Noor largest cut diamonds in the world iran cultural tour

Daria-i-Noor (Darya-ye Noor), one of the largest cut diamonds in the world

Abgineh museum

This museum is one of the most visited in Tehran. Beautiful pots made out of earthenware, glass and ceramic are kept in this museum with the oldest one belonging to 2000 years B.C

1- Abgineh Museum tehran cultural tour iran travel cheetah

Abgineh Museum

National museum

The national museum of each country is the best place to learn about its culture and history. The national museum of Iran is definitely one of the must-see places in Tehran. If you’re lucky you may also get to visit one of the special exhibitions held there every year.

iran national musuem cultural tour tehran travel cheetah

Iran National Museum

Where to visit in Tehran: Natural attractions

People all around the world appreciate fresh air and outdoor activities and the citizens of Tehran are no exception. Thus; Tehran includes many parks and recreational places for people to spend their time.

Tochal ski resort

Embraced by mountains in the Alborz mountain range, Tehran offers travelers a chance to spice up their vacation with a little taste of adventure such as skiing in the highest ski resort in the Middle East, conquering the high Tochal summit or enjoying the beautiful scenery siting in a cable car. You can also spend a night in the hotel next to the ski resort and experience staying at the highest hotel in the Middle East.


This crowded metropolis includes several parks allowing people to spend their evenings away from the noises and the air pollution. Among them Ab o Atash , Taleghani , Jamshidieh etc. are the  most famous.

Tochal Peak (3960m) in winter, mount Tochal Trekking Tour visit iran travel(2)

Things to do in tehran

Milad tower

Milad tower, 435 meters tall, is the tallest tower in Iran. This multi-purpose tower offers several recreational options such as laser tag, cinema and paintball. You can also get to the restaurant located at the top and have a panoramic view of the grand city of Tehran while enjoying your delicious meal.

Milad Tower iran tour destinations things to do in Tehran travel package

Grand Bazaar of Tehran

This old and vast bazaar is still the heart of trading in the city. You can find almost anything in this crowded bazaar.

Tajrish Bazaar 

Tajrish Bazaar is a popular traditional bazaar located in the north of Tehran. All kinds of spices, fruits and sweets can be found in this bazaar.

Tajrish Bazaar Tehran Tour Package Cheetah adventures

Modern shopping malls

 Being the capital and most modern city in Iran, Tehran has several modern shopping centers all over the city where you can buy all kinds of clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc. The prices vary in each mall but the average is less than most European countries. Paladium mall, Kourosh mall and Arg mall are some of the most famous malls in Tehran.

Paladium mall tehran tour

Imamzade Saleh holy shrine

Iranians visit the holy shrines of Imamzades (meaning son of Imam) often to pray and ask god to help them with their problems. The interior of these shrines are usually decorated with mirrors and sometimes gold and is very beautiful.

Imamzadeh saleh Tehran Tour Package Cheetah Adventures Iranian Travel Agency

Cozy places and nightlife

Bam-e Tehran

Bam-e Tehran is a recreational complex located at the foothills of Mount Tochal and at the end of Velenjak Street in Tehran and is one of the locals’ favorite places to spend their evenings. This complex features activities like Archery, Tennis, Zip line, Bungee jumping etc.  You can also enjoy the night taking a walk and looking at the amazing scenery of Tehran at night and having dinner or snacks at the restaurants located in Bam-e Tehran.

Bam e tehran tour package iran travel agency cheetah adventures

Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat( nature) bridge, a pedestrian bridge connecting two parks is a great place to spend the night and enjoy the dazzling scenery that the lights create. The designer of this bridge has won award for her spectacular work.

tabiat bridge tehran culture tour cheetah adventures

Darband and Koohsar

Darband and Koohsar are among the most popular places between the citizens of Tehran. You can have a great meal in one of the several restaurants available while enjoying the delightful atmosphere of the foothills.

Cafes and restaurants

Being the capital and the most populated city in Iran, Tehran has a great deal of cafes and restaurants. You can find the best ones by apps like Foursquare or try the ones near your hotel.

Darband tehran tour iran travel agency cheetah adventures

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