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    Trek Iran Mountains such as Damavand, Alamkuh & Sabalan with Mountaineering Experts

Iran Trekking Tours

Enjoy Climbing and Trekking in Middle-East’s Best Trekking Destination

Located on the Iranian Plateau, Iran is an ideal trekking destination. This vast country includes two major mountain ranges, Alborz(Elburz) and Zagros. The existence of several mountains with more than 4000 m of altitude as well as a few volcanos in these mountain ranges has turned Iran into a popular trekking tour destination. Furthermore, the peaks in Alborz and Zagros provide mountain climbers and nature enthusiasts with more opportunities in comparison with similar peaks in The Himalayas and The Alps.

Mountain Climbing in Iran

There are normal and technically easy Iran trekking tours available that give amateur mountain climbers the chance to enjoy trekking in Iran and climb its top mountains. In addition, trekking in Iran is safer as there is no risk of avalanches during summer and there aren’t any crevasses. However, trekking in Iran satisfies professional mountaineers as well. Those who have more experience and are better prepared can enjoy various activities such as Big Wall climbing, rock climbing, and ice climbing or choose technical Iran trekking routes to climb mountains in Iran. Both amateur and professional mountain climbers can choose from a variety of Iran trekking tours to climb the top three peaks in Iran: Mount Damavand, the most prominent peak in Iran, and the highest volcano in Asia, Alam Kuh and Mount Sabalan which is another volcano.

Iran Trekking Tour Packages

Iran Trekking Tour Package

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Price: from 849

Days: 10

Nights: 9

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Price: from 899

Days: 8

Nights: 7

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Price: from 1199

Days: 8

Nights: 7

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Price: from 599

Days: 6

Nights: 5

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Price: from 459

Days: 5

Nights: 4

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Price: from 449

Days: 4

Nights: 3

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Price: from 459

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Iran Travel Experts are ready to answer your questions

When is the best time for traveling to Iran?

Generally, April and May are the best months for traveling to Iran. The second high season period for traveling to Iran is from September to mid-November. Its recommended to book your Iran tour 3 to 6 months in advance if you want to travel to Iran during the high season. This way, you'll have various choices for hotels and flights and can get an early bird discount. For those interested in Iran trekking tours and mountain climbing in Iran, the best time is during summer. The weather is rather hot at this time of the year (30-35 degrees); however, this won't be a problem as vehicles and hotels are equipped with air conditioners. You can combine an adventurous Iran trekking tour with an interesting cultural tour.

When is the best time to book an Iran tour?

The high season for visiting Iran depends on the type of Iran tour you choose. The best time for Iran cultural/ historical tours is during April and May. However, from September to mid-November is also a great time for traveling to Iran. On the other hand, if you choose one of the Iran trekking tours, your trip must be in summer. The high season for Iran desert tours is from March to mid-May and in October and December. Furthermore, the skiing season in Iran begins in December and ends in April. You can also combine trekking tours with Iran cultural tour packages during summer. Our experts at Cheetah-Adventures will help you plan an enjoyable Iran trip and choose the best Iran destinations. Note that hotels get fully booked quickly during the high season so its best to book your Iran tour 3 to 6 months in advance to have more options and get an early bird discount.

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Yes. Iran is a generally safe country for travelers. In addition, a trip to Iran can be entertaining for all members of the family due to its various attractions and things to do. Iran is a safer travel destination than Russia, Egypt, India, Turkey, Brazil, and Thailand, based on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report published by World Economic Forum 2019.

Is it possible to make changes in Iran tour packages or the travel itinerary?

Yes. Our Iran private tours can be altered based on your preferences. You only need to mention the desired changes in the comment section when booking your Iran tour. Our experts will contact you later and ask for the details. Unfortunately, its not possible to change the travel itinerary for Iran group tours except for minor changes.

How can I get an Iran visa for my Iran trekking trip ? How much does it cost? How long does the process take?

Obtaining an Iran visa normally takes around two weeks for citizens of most countries. The process takes between about 2 months and sometimes more for passport holders of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada (ABC nationals). Visa services are included in our Mount Damavand trekking tour packages. If you're not traveling with us, you can request a visa service or apply for it on your own. Check Iran Visa Page for more information on Iran tourist visa and visa fees.

Can I rent the Damavand trekking equipment or do I have to bring them ?

Providing trekking equipment and clothes is not a service included in any of our Iran trekking tours. However, you can rent some of the equipment you don't have or can't bring from us. It's recommended to use your own trekking boots to make sure you're comfortable but you can rent other equipment such as sleeping bags, ground cloths, trekking poles, and clothes ( if available in your size). You can request the equipment you don't have after checking the list of necessary equipment for an Iran trekking tour on our website.

What do the meals during this Iran trekking tour include? Are there any vegetarian options?

Yes, there will be vegetarian options as well. All meals and snacks served during your Iran trekking tour are provided by locals as it is one of the main principles of ecotourism. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by our cooks in Mountain camps. There are also some snacks you can enjoy during your Iran Trekking tour, and there's always hot water available at the camps to make coffee and tea.

How can I get an Iran visa? How much does it cost? How long does the process take?

Obtaining an Iran visa normally takes around two weeks for citizens of most countries. The process takes between 1 and 2 months and sometimes more for passport holders of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Visa services are included in our Iran tour packages. If youre not traveling with us,you can ask for a visa service or apply for it on your own. Check out our Iran Visa page for more information on Iran tourist visa and visa fees.

How much cash will I need during my Iran trekking tour?

All Iran trekking tour packages offered by Cheetah-Adventures Iran tour operator include accommodation, entrance fees, and transportation. You may need 10 -20 euros daily for food if your Iran tour package isn't full-board. The amount of money you'll need for buying souvenirs depends on your shopping habits.

What should women wear while climbing Iran Mountains?

Women can dress freely while in Iran Mountains. They can wear trekking pants, t-shirts, and caps. However, a certain dress code applies to women when in the city while traveling in Iran. You can get complete information on Iran dress code Page.

Can I add an Iran cultural tour to my Iran trekking tour?

Yes, you can choose one of the Iran cultural tour packages that you like from our website and book it for after or before your Iran trekking tour. Our experts will help you choose the Iran tour package that suits you best based on your schedule and weather conditions. You can also request a customized tour in the Iran tailor-made tours page on our website. You'll receive a bundle discount if you book both tours.


We at Cheetah-Adventures offer our travelers professional Iran trekking tours. Our tour guides in your Iran trek tours are qualified mountain climbers with years of experience in leading tours and a history of conquering 7000/8000 meter high peaks in the Himalaya mountain range in their resume. They have successfully conquered Damavand(5610m) more than tens of times and mountaineering expertise is a mutual value among the Cheetah-Adventures trekking guidance team. Cheetah-Adventures CEO, Ali Mesbahi, By 2011, while only 19 years of age, he successfully climbed mount Khan Tengri (7010m) and was honored with a nomination as the world’s youngest summiteer of this mighty peak in Kazakhstan. Furthermore, successfully climbing Mount Damavand (5610 m) counted 65 times, being a rock and ice climbing certified coach, and having received the symbolic ice-axe award twice for the best Iranian ascent of the year are only a few of the things he has under his belt.

In addition to their experience and thorough knowledge of mountain routes, our guides have taken multiple courses in rescuing and first aid to assure our fellow mountain climbers’ safety throughout the trek.


Iran Trekking Tour Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews for Cheetah-Adventures Iran Trekking Tours

We had a special experience with Cheetah adventures, discovering Iran. These days modern companies HR is using “It’s all about people”. “The people make the difference” and for the first time, I have to tell, in Iran and with Cheetah guys, it makes the sense.

I am 46 years old and have been traveling for the last 25. I have to say that I was not even closely expecting to receive such a professional agency treatment like Cheetah Adventures. One of the best treatments in my life.

When we decided to visit Iran it was difficult to choose an agency. Cheetah Adventures was recommended to us by some friends and it turned out to be the best choice. The communication was very fast, easy, and prompt from the beginning. Thank you guys for answering all my questions (even the silly ones), for being so patient with our requests and the constantly changing number of our group, for writing so many e-mails and for the useful tips you gave us.

Mount Damavand Climbing

If you’re planning to book an Iran Trekking Tour & visit Iran there are a few things you might learn about Damavand mountain before you go. The Mount Damavand page is designed to give you complete information about the highest volcano in Asia.

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Iran Destinations, Attractions & Things to Do

Iran is one of the few countries where it’s possible to see significant historical attractions, learn about the culture, Enjoy magnificent natural sights, and observe the beautiful architecture and arts in one trip. Here’s The Ultimate Guide to Top Iran Destinations and Attractions you must know about.

Is Iran a safe travel destination?

Iran is generally a safe country. Violence against foreigners, racism and bad behavior are rarely seen in Iran . On the contrary you’ll find Iranians the kindest and most hospitable people in the world. Tourist reviews available on trip advisor and in personal blogs and the growth of the tourism industry in the past few years prove this claim. Click to see the full article on Iran Safety.

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Stay Safe!

Cheetah-Adventures has decided to postpone or cancel all its 2020 April & May & June Iran tours for travelers’ safety.

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