For adventurers who travel to Iran with the dream of spending a few days exploring its vast deserts, accommodation is often a concern.

Unlike what most assume, Iran desert tours often provide a rather comfortable type of accommodation which is staying at a guesthouse at one of the beautiful Iran desert villages or at one of the historical Caravanserais.

The following is a list of the best Iran Desert Resorts and Caravanserais.

Bali Desert Hotel (Isfahan)

Bali Desert Hotel, located in Khur and Biabanak County of Isfahan, Iran, is an ideal choice for travelers who interned to journey to Mesr Desert since it is situated at a distance of 55 kilometers from the popularly visited Kavir.

Bali Hotel, three stars, was constructed in the heart of the central desert of Iran, the Dasht-e Kavir, in 1388, its architecture well-matched with the desert environment.

The hotel’s thatched edifice has a central court and 40 rooms encircle it. The rooms of the Bali Desert Hotel fall into two types: modern and traditional.

Amongst the tourist attractions approximate to the hotel, one can name a salt lake, playa canals, Mesr Desert, Iraj Village, Garmeh Village, Bayazeh Village, and its 3000- year old fort, Sang-Awb (Stone Lavers), and assorted mountain climbing amenities.


Bali Desert Hotel_Khur_Isfahan_Esfahan_Iran_Top_Desert_Resorts and_Caravanserais_Cheetah_adventures

Bali Desert Hotel

Laleh Bisotun International Hotel – Safavid Caravanserai (Kermanshah)

Laleh Bisotoun International Hotel is owned by the Laleh chain hotels. It is situated in a mountain range at a distance of 25 kilometers from Kermanshah and constructed in the form of four traditional porches.

On one side, the mountainous natural area, and on the other, the eighth of Iran’s World Heritage Sites, Mount Bisotoun can be found.

In spite of the fact that Bisotun International Hotel possesses an aura and aesthetic of tradition and serves as a memorabilia of the Safavid Dynasty, in this Hotel-Caravanserai, tradition, and modernity are consolidated, forming a seamless coalition.

The hotel possesses an area of 6000 meters and possessing the four-balcony form, which is comprised of 20 units with royal and imperial suites, which make up a capacity of 100 guests. By opening the windows of the rooms, the view of Mount Bisotoun emerges.

Traditional restaurants, a conference hall, an exhibition (and retailer) of local handicraft items, and mountain-climbing equipment shops are among the other facilities of Laleh Bisotoun International Hotel.

By choosing to reside in this hotel during your trip, you find yourself in close proximity to Iran tourist attractions such as the Behistun Palace, Safavid Caravanserai, Kohneh Bridge, Behistun Inscription, Sasanian Bridge (Khosrow), Statue of Hercules, Parthian site of worship, Taq-e Bostan, and the Bisitun Cave.

It is worthy of note that the wall of Mount Bisotun hosts numerous professional mountain and rock climbers annually as well as professional paratroopers. The price for a night’s reservation falls between 50 to 130 euros depending on the type of room.

Laleh_Bisotun International_Hotel–Safavid_caravanserai_Kermanshah_Iran_Top_Desert_Resorts and_Caravanserais_Cheetah_adventures

Laleh Bisotun Caravanserai

Zein-o-din Caravanserai (Yazd)

Zein-o-din Caravanserai is an Iranian traditional resort, located in Mehriz, Yazd. This lodge is situated at a 30-kilometer distance from the city of Yazd.

Dating back to 450 years ago, the edifice was reconstructed in 1380 and now consists of 36 rooms, all on one floor.

The resort is at a 25-minute distance with a vehicle from tourist attractions such as Mehrpadin Castle, and at a 30-minute distance from the historical Village and Fortress of Sar Yazd, Kohne Caravanserai, New Rabat (Rabat-e No), Chapar Khaneh, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, and Shakib Wind Tower.

Zein-o-din Caravanserai is one of the architectural marvels of the Safavid era, and the only rounded edifice of Iranian build on the silk road.

On the two sides of the Caravanserai, there are stairwells leading to the rooftop and can be visited for the watching of the beguiling sky of the desert.

Zein-o-din_Caravanserai _Yazd_Iran_Top_Desert_Resorts and_Caravanserais_Cheetah_adventures

Zein-o-din Caravanserai

Village and Nomad Resorts 

These lodges are also referred to as Ecotourism lodges; some are constructed by setting up camps (not tents) in nature and have their niche of enthusiasts, who are partial to camps of a nomad and rural tradition. 

Bakhtiari_nomads_Iran_Village_and_Nomad_Resorts_Iran_Top_Desert_Resorts and_Caravanserais_Cheetah_adventures

Bakhtiari Nomads Iran

Qaleh Ganj Hotel (Kerman)

Qaleh Ganj is a traditional Kapari (Hut) Hotel which was opened in Farvardin in 1395. The construction of the edifice of this traditionally designed hotel was begun in 1394 in the Qaleh Ganj village of Kerman and was finished near the end of 1394.

Qaleh Ganj Kapari hotel is also renowned as Toop (Ball) Hotel. In the past, Kapari resorts were associated with privation and poverty, however, this association changed with the emergence of Qaleh Ganj Kapari Hotel, which prompted this style to be linked with wealth.

Qaleh Ganj Hotel is in possession of facilities such as a library, a children’s game room, and a cycling road. Off-Roading in desert plains, camel riding, dining in the desert along with a feast of seasonal fruits, folk songs and dances, traditional games, and wonderful views, are all among the amenities one can enjoy in this hotel.

Qaleh_Ganj_Hotel_Kerman_Iran_Top_Desert_Resorts and_Caravanserais_Cheetah_adventures

Qaleh Ganj Hotel

Durna EcoCamp (Meshgin Shahr)

If you aspire to spend a few days in the heart of nature, in an appealing, pleasant environment, at a place where nomad tribes are at your proximity, Dorna Nomads’ Eco Camp located in Yaylak highlands of MalekSuyi, Meshgin Shahr, Iran, is your ideal choice.

In the construction of this camp, traditional and modern architecture, meld together at a style reconcilable to the surrounding environment, in such a way that as soon as you exit from your room in the resort, you come up against rejuvenating sights of flourishing greens and amiable weather.

This Eco Camp is located at a distance of 800 meters from the Goorgoor Waterfall and the MalekSuyi and Qinarjeh hot water springs. Dorna Nomads’ Eco Camp is comprised of round resort lodges and nomad tents, which provide the possibility of a dream-like experience.

A restaurant, able to prepare a variety of Iranian and vegetarian foods, and exciting leisure activities such as horseback riding and bicycling, paragliding, and skiing, are among the entertainment amenities of Dorna Nomads Eco Camp.

This Nomad Eco Camp is located at a distance of 110 kilometers from Ardebil and is 20 kilometers far from Meshgin Shahr.

Durna_Nomads_Eco_Camp_Meshginshahr_Iran_Top_Desert_Resorts and_Caravanserais_Cheetah_adventures

Durna EcoCamp Meshginshahr