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The cuisine of every country and even every region in that country is unique. It is also a significant part of its culture and lifestyle of the locals of a region. Tasting the most delicious dishes in another country can be one of the most exciting and different experiences you can have during your trips. Some even enjoy it so much that they make tasting different foods one of the main purposes of their trips. Whether you are among those people or not, tasting at least some of the most appetizing Iranian appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and side dishes is a must when traveling to Iran. Iranian cuisine is one of the most diverse and unique ones in the world and it’s especially new for Europeans. Iranian cuisine contains numerous dishes that are originated from different parts of the country. Iranian dishes such as stews, mixed rice, soups, etc. contain various ingredients from beef and chicken to vegetables and beans. Therefore, there are always at least a few dishes that you can enjoy. Among all of the tasty dishes in Iranian cuisine those that are originally from Gilan province, especially Rasht, are the most popular. Rasht has earned the title of creative city of gastronomy by UNESCO for its appetizing and creative dishes and has become popular among travelers.

We at Cheetah Adventures have gathered information on the interesting Iranian cuisine to help travelers get a taste of it before their Iran trip. Our articles include all you might find interesting from a list of Iranian dishes you must try and their ingredients to the best Iranian desserts, recipes, etc.


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