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    Attractions and Activities to enjoy your time in Rasht & Gilan

Rasht(Gilan) Travel Guide

Things to do in Rasht & Gilan Province, Activities, and Attractions

Rasht is the capital city of Gilan province and the largest and most populated city located on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Known as the city of silver rains, this city is one of the most important rice and vegetable producers in the country due to its humid and rainy climate. Similar to the rest of Gilan province, Rasht has a lush and beautiful nature. Rasht is named one of the UNESCO creative cities for its delicious and various local foods. The people of Rasht are among the most energetic and kind people in Iran and their language is Gilaki. Rasht welcomes between 12 and 15 million visitors every year and is one of the most popular holiday destinations among Iranians.

Summer Temperature25 °C to 37 °C
Winter Temperature7°C to 12°C
Significant AttractionsShahrdari Square -Kuchak Khan Mausoleum and Home- Rudkhan Castle ( Qal’eh Rukhan) -Masuleh Village -Anzali Lagoon
UNESCO World Heritage SitesCaspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests
AirportsSardar e Jangal International Airport
Public Transportation (inner-city)Bus – Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)


Located on the coast of Caspian Sea, Rasht has a Mediterranean climate with cool winters and hot and humid summers. The humidity rate in Rasht is above 80 percent and this city normally has 300 rainy days a year. The temperature is normally between 25 tand37 in summer and between -7 and 12 in winter.

What to see in Rasht & Gilan: Historical attractions

Shahrdari Square

Shahrdari square is the beating heart of Rasht and one of its most important attractions. This square is surrounded by several historical monuments such as a clock tower, the post building, the historic Iran hotel and the city hall. The name Shahrdari, meaning city hall, refers to the city hall building in this square which is the first one built in Iran. Shahrdari square was built between 1919 and 1924 and is still the main square of Rasht. The architecture of this square and the beautiful surrounding buildings is inspired from Saint Petersburg city. Shahrdari square is a popular choice for spending the evening or strolling around and enjoying the delightful weather.

Shahrdari square rasht tour iran travel tour guide package cheetah adventures

Shahrdari Square , Rasht, Gilan

Kuchak Khan Mausoleum and Home

Mirza Kuchak Khan was an Iranian activist in the constitutional revolution of Iran, the leader of Jungle movement and the founder of the Soviet Republic of Gilan. He was a beloved character and a hero to Gilanis. Today his home serves as a museum displaying his personal possessions. Visiting his house helps visitors learn about an important era in the history of Iran. The mausoleum built in his memory is also visited often by locals and travelers.

Kuchak Khan mausoleum rash iran tour package guide travel holiday cheetah adventures

Kuchak Khan Mausoleum, Rasht (Gilan Province)

Rudkhan Castle ( Qal’eh Rukhan)

Located near Fuman city, Rudkhan castle is the largest brick-made castle in Iran. This impressive castle is located on top of the mountain and surrounded by the forest, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature whilst visiting this grand castle. Rudkhan castle is praised for its grandeur, clever architecture and defensive structure. This stunning castle dates back to the Seljuq era and has never been taken by enemies. The best time to visit Rudkhan castle is during the summer as the stairs may become slippery in winter. The thousand stairs going up to Rudkhan castle may make you doubt visiting it, but the beautiful view and the castle itself make it worth the effort. You can also buy local products on your way up to the castle

Rudkhan Castle (Qal’eh Rukhan) rasht iran tour guide package travel cheetah adventures

Rudkhan Castle (Qal’eh Rukhan), Rasht

Gilan rural heritage museum

Gilan rural heritage museum is the first eco museum in Iran. Located in Saravan Park, this museum is the best place for getting to know about the culture and lifestyle of the people of Gilan . Rural houses and other structures found in the villages of Gilan are displayed in Gilan rural heritage museum. Each part of this vast and interesting museum is organized like a separate village with rural houses, mosques, schools and other structures preserved in their original form. You can enjoy the great atmosphere of Saravan Park and buy local food and handicrafts whilst learning about rural life in Gilan province.

Gilan rural heritage museum rasht iran tour package travel iran cheetah adventures

Gilan rural heritage museum

Masuleh Village

Speaking of the beautiful villages in Iran, Masuleh is one of the first ones that come to mind. This stunning village attracts many visitors yearly and steals their hearts with its unique structure and amazing nature. Masuleh village is located in Talesh mountain range and 65 km south of Rasht. This village is famous for its unique structure with the yard of each house being the roof of the one below it. The spectacular scenery, created by the waterfalls and the verdurous mountain, adds to the charm of this village. In Masuleh village you’ll also get the opportunity to spend some time experiencing the traditional life of the inhabitants by staying in one of the traditional hotels available.

Masuleh village rasht iran tour package travel iran cheetah adventures

Masuleh Village

Rasht Grand Bazaar

Unlike most traditional bazaars in Iran, Rasht Grand bazaar is an open-air one. This bazaar contains 14 caravanserais dating back to the Qajar and early Pahlavi era. Rasht Grand Bazaar has long been popular among locals and visitors and is a suitable place for buying souvenirs, local food etc.

Rasht Grand Bazaar iran tour package travel iran visa cheetah adventures

Rasht Grand Bazaar

Rasht & Gilan Things to do: Natural Attractions

Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is the largest natural lake in the world. It has made the northern cities of Iran popular holiday destinations especially among citizens of Tehran. The beaches now offer a variety of recreational options in addition to swimming, attracting many visitors daily. The beautiful Caspian Sea is a must-see when travelling to Rasht and a great place to enjoy sunny days.

Caspian Sea rasht iran tour package travel visa online cheetah adventures

Caspian Sea

Eynak Lagoon

Eynak Lagoon is the largest lagoon located inside a city in Iran and the second largest lagoon in Gilan province. This amazing lagoon gets its name (meaning glasses) due to its unique shape. Eynak lagoon is surrounded by trees and herbs making it more beautiful. This lagoon is also one of the popular fishing spots around Rasht.

Rasht eynak lagoon gilan tour package travel iran cheetah adventures

Eynak Lagoon, Rasht, Gilan, Iran

Saqalaksar Lake

Saghalaksar Lake is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in GiIan province and has become a popular holiday destination in the last few years. This magnificent lake and the surrounding area attract many visitors looking to spend a memorable day in nature. Activities such as camping, boat riding, walking and photography can be done in the area. Saqalaksar Lake is most beautiful during fall when the colorful trees reflect in the water.

Saqalaksar lake rasht iran tour package travel visa online cheetah adventures

Saqalaksar Lake

Anzali Lagoon

Located in Anzali port town, Anzali lagoon is one of the most significant and unique lagoons in Iran. This spectacular lagoon is famous for its beautiful Indian lotuses seen in spring. The amazing Anzali lagoon is also the natural habitat of many fish species and migrating birds making it more special. Activities such as kayaking, boat riding and fishing are available in this magnificent lagoon.

Anzali Lagoon rasht iran visit guide tour package travel iran destinations top iran destination things to do tourist attractions in Iran cheetah adventures

Anzali Lagoon

Tourist Attractions in Rasht

Saravan Forest Park

Located south of Iran, Saravan Forest Park is one of the first and largest forest parks in Iran. This vast park has become one of the most popular weekend destinations among families. In addition to enjoying its delightful atmosphere and amazing nature, several recreational options such as paintball and boat riding in the lake are available. The beautiful Saravan Park is also a great choice for camping and picnic.

Saravan Forest Park iran tour rasht travel gilan package cheetah adventures

Saravan Forest Park


Rasht is famous for its variety of foods. Most of the local foods from Rasht are made from fresh walnuts, olives, rice, fish, etc. all of which are among the popular Rasht souvenirs. In addition, you can also buy tea and sweets like Reshteh Khoshkar and special cookies called Kolucheh to take home. Rasht also has a variety of handicrafts such as knitwear clothes, wicker baskets and ground cloth.

Rashte-khoshkar rasht gilan tour package travel iran visa online cheetah adventures

Reshteh Khoshkar, Delicious sweet made in Gilan

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