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Tabriz Travel Guide

Things to do in Tabriz, Activities, and Attractions

Tabriz is the capital city of the East Azerbaijan Province and the third largest city in Iran. This city has been the capital of Iran in different eras and was the 5th largest city in the world during the Safavid era. Tabriz is one of the most historically and economically significant cities in Iran and is the second industrial city of the country. This magnificent city is known for its friendly atmosphere and cleanness. Tabriz is also called the city of firsts as it has been the pioneer in use of many technologies and facilities. This city is one of the top travel destinations in Iran and was named the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018. People of Tabriz speak Azerbaijani Turkish. They have their own unique culture, traditions, arts, etc. that make this city a must-visit in Iran.

ProvinceEast Azerbaijan
population1.7 million
Summer Temperature24 °C to 30 °C
Winter Temperature8°C to 10°C
Significant AttractionsArg of Tabriz (Arg-e Tabriz) -Azerbaijan Museum -Blue Mosque of Tabriz -Constitution House –Kandovan -Tabriz Bazaar -Arasbaran Forest
UNESCO World Heritage SitesTabriz Historic Bazaar Complex
AirportsTabriz International Airport
Public Transportation (inner-city)Bus –  Subway(1 line) – Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)


Surrounded by mountains, Tabriz has a rather cold climate like the rest of East Azerbaijan province. The temperature varies between -8 to 10 during winter and 24 to 30 during summer. Annual precipitation is around 330 mm in this city. Tabriz has cold winters and moderate summers, making it one of the most popular destinations in Iran for summer vacation.

What to see in Tabriz: Historical attractions

Arg of Tabriz (Arg-e Tabriz)

Arg of Tabriz also known as Arg of Alishah dates back to the 14th century. The use of this impressive structure is still unknown however; it’s estimated to be a mosque. Arg of Tabriz was used for defending the city and storing food and ammunition during the wars between Iran and Russia in the Qajar era and a large part of it was destroyed at that time. The remaining part of this historical monument is one of the most significant attractions in Tabriz. The archway of Arg of Tabriz is wider than the Archway of Ctesiphon and is one of the significant features of this structure.

arg e tabriz Arg of Alishah culture guide iran tour destinations things to see cheetah adventures

Arg of Tabriz (Arg-e Tabriz)

Azerbaijan Museum

Azeribaijan museum is the most important of the 17 museums located in Tabriz and the second best archeological museum in Iran after the national museum in Tehran. Ancient coins, pottery, statues, epigraphs and traditional clothes are some of the objects prorected in this museum. Azerbaijan museum is the best place for learning about the history of Azerbaijan province and Tabriz.

Azeribaijan Museum Tabriz cultural guide

Azerbaijan Museum, Tabriz cultural tour

Mausoleum of Poets ( Poets’ Mausoleum)

Iranians have long respected and loved their poets and have been willing to honor their legacy by building shrines .Tabriz has been the home of many beloved poets in the history of Iran, many of whom chose Sorkhab neighborhood for living and wished to be buried there after their death. Built over the former graveyard of the Sorkhab neighborhood, Mausoleum of poets is the eternal home of almost 300 Iranian poets such as Shahryar and Khaqani . The original mausoleum of the poets was built in the graveyard of Sorkhab neighborhood and was first mentioned in the historic documents belonging to the 14th century. This structure was completely destroyed due to earthquakes occurring in 1814 and 1815 however; another monument was built in 1971 to honor the memory of the poets. Visiting this monument allows you to get to know a large part of the literature of Iran and its famous poets.

Mausoleum of Poets ( Poets’ Mausoleum) tabriz iran tour iran travel guide destination cheetah adventures

Mausoleum of Poets ( Poets’ Mausoleum), Tabriz

Blue Mosque of Tabriz

Built in the 14th century, Blue mosque or Jahanshah mosque is one of the fourth blue mosques in the world. This mosque is the only structure left from the Kara Koyunlu monarchy and one of the most unique mosques of Iran. Blue mosque is known as the Turquoise of Islam due to its magnificent blue tiles .This mosque was once part of Mozarafiyeh complex along with other structures such as a bathhouse and a school. Unfortunately this mosque is the only structure still standing. Islamic drawings and use of gold in the tiles are some of the other amazing features . A large part of Blue mosque was destroyed by the earthquake in 1814 however; it was repaired between1939 to 1968.

Blue-Mosque-Tabriz-Iran tour iran travel guide destinations things to see cheetah adventures

Blue Mosque of Tabriz

Qajar Museum

The site of Qajar museum is the house of Hasan Ali Khan Garroosy, one of the most famous politicians in the Qajar era. His house was bought and turned into Qajar museum in 2005. In addition to the interesting objects exhibited in this museum, the house itself is worth visiting due to its beautiful colorful windows, stucco and mirror work.

Muze Qajar Tabriz Qajar museum iran tour guide travel destinations iran destinations top iran destination things to do tourist attractions in Iran cheetah adventures

Qajar Museum, Tabriz Tour

Constitution House

The constitutional revolution of Iran took place between 1905 and 1911 and led to the foundation of the first legislature of Iran during Qajar dynasty. The movement involved many activists from all around the country including Tabriz. The constitution house was the gathering location and headquarters of the constitution activists in Tabriz such as Sattar khan and Baqir khan. By visiting constitution house, you’ll get the chance to learn about the constitutional revolution in Iran and its most famous activists.

Constitution house tabriz culture iran tour travel guide destinations cheetah adventures

Constitution House, Tabriz


Located on the foothills of Sahand mountain range and at 2200 meter of altitude, Kandovan is one of the most unique villages in Iran. This 3000 year old village is famous for the houses carved into rocks .These rocks were formed by solidified magma and shaped by nature. Kandovan is one of the two hand-carved villages in the world that are still residential. The uniqueness of the inhabitants’ lifestyle and the stunning houses of this village amaze every visitor. It’s also possible to spend a night at the hotel located in this village and experience sleeping inside ahand-carved house . You can also enjoy local products such as honey and fruits while you’re visiting Kandovan village.

tabriz Kandovan iran tour guide travel destination village cheetah adventures

Kandovan, Tabriz

Jame mosque of Tabriz (Masjed-e Jameh)

In the history of Iran jame mosque of each city has been its most important mosque. Jame mosque of Tabriz is located in Tabriz bazaar and is one of the most important Tabriz monuments. This mosque was built during Seljuq dynasty but some of the decorations were added later. Jame mosque of Tabriz has one of the most Mihrabs among the mosques in Iran. The embellishments of this mosque along with its historical background has made it one of the most visited monuments in Tabriz

Jame mosque of Tabriz (Masjed-e Jameh) visit iran tour travel guide attractions things to do destinations Cheetah adventures

Jame mosque of Tabriz (Masjed-e Jameh)

Tabriz Bazaar

The labyrinthine Tabriz bazaar is the largest roofed bazaar in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. This magnificent bazaar dates back to the 10th century and has always been a crucial trading spot in Iran and Asia.

The current structure of the bazaar was built in 1814 after the old one was destroyed by an earthquake.

This vast bazaar also includes 29 mosques, 24 caravanserais, 5 museums, 4 schools and 4 bathhouses. The importance of Tabriz Bazaar was increased due to being on the Silk Road and it became the most important trade center in the world in the 19thcentury. Nowadays Tabriz bazaar is still one of the main trade centers in Iran and Asia. Strolling around in this bazaar you can find all kinds of souvenirs especially the best type of carpet made in Tabriz.

Tabriz Bazaar iran Cultural tour travel visit iran destination guide cheetah adventure

Tabriz Bazaar

Places to visit in Kerman: Natural attractions

Sahand Mountain Range

Sahand mountain range is known as the pearl of the mountains in Iran for its green foothills. This mountain range is located south of Tabriz and contains 17 summits with more than 3000 meters of altitude. You can climb these beautiful mountains and add a little adventure to your Tabriz tour.

Mount-Sahand tabriz iran tour destinations trip cheetah adventures

Sahand Mountain Range, Tabriz Natural Attractions

Arasbaran Forest

Arasbaran is a protected region located at the northern part of Azerbaijan Province. It is one of the most beautiful Hyrcanian forests in Iran. Arasbaran forest is considered a UNESCO world heritage site due to its unique wildlife.

Arasbaran forest tabriz travel guide iran trip cheetah adventures

Arasbaran Forest, Tabriz Natural Attractions

Things to do in Tabriz: Nightlife and cozy places

Elgoli Park

Located in the southeastern part of Tabriz, Elgoli Park is the most popular recreational facility in the city. The palace located in the pool of this park is one of the most famous land marks of Tabriz. This historic palace dates back to the Aq Qoyunlu era and today serves as a restaurant. In addition to camping, walking and enjoying the refreshing atmosphere of the park you can use its other facilities such as skate track, amusement park, mini gulf field etc.

Elgoli park tabriz iran tour travel cheetah adventures

Elgoli park, Tabriz

Shahryar Pedestrian Street

Shahryar Street is one of the most popular hangout places in Tabriz. This pedestrian street is known as the Champs-Élysées of Tabriz. Shahryar street is full of shops, restaurants and cafes and can be a good choice for spending the evening and getting to know the nightlife of Tabriz.

Shahryar pedestrian street tabriz iran tour 2

Mount Eynali recreational complex

Located at the north of Tabriz Mount Einali is another popular recreational complex in Tabriz. In addition to mountain climbing you can enjoy other facilities such as the artificial lake and the cable car and the magnificent view of the city.

Mount Eynali recreational complex tabriz things to see cheetah adventures

Tabriz Souvenirs

Tabriz is one of the main locations for carpet production in Iran. The hand-woven carpets found in this city are the best in the country and are exported to countries all over the world. Tabriz is also famous for its leather products especially shoes, that you can buy as a souvenir for your loved ones. In addition, several kinds of sweets such as Baqlava, Qurabiya and Basluq are among the most popular Tabriz souvenirs.
All types of Tabriz souvenirs can be found in Tabriz Bazaar and have the best quality.

souvenir-tabriz iran tour destinations places to visit cheetah adventures

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