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Kerman Travel Guide

Things to do in Kerman, Activities, and Attractions

Located in the south-eastern part of Iran Kerman province is the largest province in the country. This vast province includes a major part of Lut desert ( Dasht-e Lut) and the hottest known spot in the world. The largest city and capital city of this province is also named Kerman. Kerman province includes the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. This historical province also has amazing nature such as the beautiful Lut desert and Jupar mountain range. The people of Kerman are the most warm-hearted, hospitable, and ambitious people in Iran and will make your trip more memorable.

Summer Temperature28 °C to 45 °C
Winter Temperature7°C to 18°C
Significant AttractionsGanjali Khan Square -Arg-e Bam -Rayen citadel -Shahzdeh Mahan Garden – Fath Abad Garden -Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine -Maymand Village -San’ati museum ( Muzeh Sanati)
UNESCO World Heritage SitesArg-e Bam – Shahzdeh Mahan Garden- Cultural Landscape of Maymand – Lut Desert
AirportsKerman International Airport
Public Transportation (inner-city)Bus – Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)


Despite being located in the desert Kerman has a very diverse climate .This city has cold winters and hot summers and the average yearly amount of rain is 188 mm.

What to see in Kerman: Historical attractions

Ganjali Khan Square

Ganjali Khan square was built by the order of Ganjali Khan, the beloved governor of Kerman in the Safavid era. This pedestrian square includes several significant monuments such as a mosque, a traditional bathhouse, a school/caravanserai and a bazaar.

Ganjali Khan square Kerman travel guide iran tour package trip cheetah adventures visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Ganjali Khan Square, Kerman tour

Ganjali Khan Mosque

Ganjali Khan Mosque was the place where students and shop owners of the Ganjali Khan complex went for prayer however; praying is no longer allowed in this mosque as it is now a historical monument. The beautiful stucco and Muqranas work in this mosque add to its charm.

Ganjali khan complex mosque ceiling 2 kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Ganjali Khan Mosque Ceiling, Kerman cultural tour

Ganjali Khan Bathhouse

The interior of Ganjali Khan Bathhouse is emblazoned with stucco and frescos narrating ancient Persian romantic stories and war stories. Today this amazing bathhouse is a museum and the manikins and objects take the visitors back in time.

Ganjali Khan Bathhouse Kerman Tour guide travel tips activites iran tour package cheetah visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Ganjali Khan Bathhouse, Kerman

Arg-e Bam

Arg-e Bam is the largest structure in the world made out of mudbricks. This grand citadel is located at the center of a fortress however; the whole structure is known as Bam citadel due to its significance. There is no accurate time marking the construction of this amazing citadel however; some archeologists estimate the time to be around the Achaemenid era.Arg-e Bam suffered severe damages due to the earthquake in 2003 but a large part of it has been reconstructed ever since.

arg e bam kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Arg-e Bam, Kerman

Rayen citadel

Located in a city of the same name, Rayen citadel is the second largest mudbrick-made structure in the world. This grand citadel dates back to the Sasanian dynasty and has never been occupied by foreigners. Arg-e Rayen is called the most impenetrable structure in Iran due to its 16 towers and clever architecture. This stunning monument was used until 150 year ago and is now open to public.

arg e Rayen Castle kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Rayen citadel, The second largest mudbrick-made structure in the world, Kerman

Shahzdeh Mahan Garden

Shahzdeh Mahan Garden is the largest Persian garden and a UNESCO world heritage site. Similar to most of the gardens built during Qajar era this garden also contains a building that served as the owner’s house. This spectacular garden was built by the order of the governor of Kerman in 1897 and the construction of the mansion began later on by the order of the king’s grandson but was left unfinished after his death. Shazde Mahan garden is the emerald of Kerman province and is one of the must-see attractions in the country.

Shazdeh Mahan Garden(Bagh-e Shahzde) kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures2

Shazdeh Mahan Garden, Kerman

Fath Abad Garden

Located 25 km away from the center of Kerman, Fath Abad garden was also built by the order of a governor in the Qajar era. This beautiful garden served as the holiday resort for the governor and his family. The architecture of the mansion in Fath Abad garden is the fusion of Persian and European styles. Nowadays, this amazing garden is used for harvesting different kinds of herbs and celebrating several national celebrations. It’s recommended to visit the garden in the nighttime as the façade of the mansion lights up and adds to its beauty. It’s also possible to rent a room in the mansion and spend the night in this magnificent garden.

Fath Abad garden kerman iran adventure travel tourism guide iran adventure tour package Cheetah adventures2

Fath Abad garden, Kerman

Qal’eh Dokhtar (Qaleh Dokhtar)

Dating back to 220 B.C, Qaleh Dokhtar is located on a mountain in Kerman. This grand castle is built out of mudbricks and was the center of Kerman for years. Its name meaning, Castle of the maiden, refers to the goddess Anahita. The ruins of Qaleh Dokhtar are among the oldest historical sites in the country and are a must-see for those interested in history and archeology.

Qal'eh Dokhtar (Qaleh Dokhtar) kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Qal’eh Dokhtar (Castle of the Maiden), Kerman

Gonbad-e Jabliye

Gonbad-e Jabliye is a stone-made octagonal building with a dome. This historic structure is one of the most important yet one of the most mysterious monuments in Kerman as the usage of it is still unknown. There are no valid evidence for the time Gonbad-e Jabliye was built however; archeologists have estimated it to be in Sasanian era. This mysterious monument also has several epigraphs from different eras in the history of Iran, making it more interesting.

Gonbad-e Jabliye kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Gonbad-e Jabliye, Kerman

Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine

Located in the city of Mahan, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine is one of the most beautifully built shrines left from the Qajar era. Nematollah Vali was a famous Iranian poet and Sufi. Similar to many other poets, Imams etc. in Iran a shrine was built after his death to honor his memory. The interior of this magnificent shrine is embellished with stuccos, paintings, tile work and other Persian arts. One of the unique features of Shah Nematollah Vali shrine is the use of architectural elements from 6 different decades. Nowadays this secluded shrine is often visited by locals looking to pay their respects to the poet and is also the gathering location of dervishes.

Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine ( Aramgah-e Shah Ne’matollah Vali) kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Kerman

Maymand Village

Maymand village is one of the most unique and ancient villages in Iran. This fascinating village is estimated to be built by the Aryans, making it almost 12000 years old. The hand carved houses of this village raise every visitor’s praise. The shape of these houses keeps the inside temperature cool during summer and hot during winter. Visiting the spectacular Maymand village and meeting its kind people is one of the best experiences that you can gain in Kerman province.

Maymand village kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Maymand village, Kerman

National library of Kerman

The current building of the National library of Kerman was built in 1929. Although it’s hard to believe, this beautiful building was a cloth factory but it was closed after a while. The building was renovated 60 years later and officially became the national library of Tehran. This library now has 121 books and is the center of culture and knowledge in Kerman.

National library of Kerman kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

National library of Kerman

San’ati museum ( Muzeh Sanati)

San’ati museum is the second largest museum of contemporary arts in Iran after the one in Tehran. This museum was an orphanage until 1977 and is named after Ali Akbar Sanati one of the orphan children of the orphanage who later became one of the greatest sculptors in Iran. Today San’ati museum contains more than 1200 pieces of art including statues made out of plaster, bronze and wood and water color and oil paintings.

San’ati museum (Muzeh Sanati) kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

San’ati museum (Muzeh Sanati) of Kerman

Places to visit in Kerman: Natural attractions

Simek waterfalls

Located 35 km north of the city of Kerman, Simek waterfalls include 13 waterfalls. These beautiful waterfalls are located at the foothills of the mountain. You can visit Simek waterfalls and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of the region.

Simek waterfalls kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Simek waterfalls, Kerman

Mount Hezar

Mount Hezar, 4501 meters high, is the highest summit in the central part of Iran. Its name meaning one thousand refers to the variety of plants growing in this mountain. Mount Hezar is located near Rayen town. If you’re looking for some adventure alongside Kerman sightseeing you can spend the day climbing this amazing mountain.

hezar mount mountain kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Mount Hezar, Kerman

Sirch Ski Resort

Sirch ski resort is the largest ski resort in the central and southern part of Iran. This ski resort is located near Sirch village and only one hour away from the hottest spot on earth. The highest point of this resort is 2700 meters high. Every year Sirch Ski resort welcomes many skiing enthusiasts with the first snowfall. You can also relax in Sirch hot springs after a great day of skiing.

Sirch ski resort travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

Sirch ski resort, Kerman

Things to do in Kerman: Nightlife and cozy places

Vakil Teahouse

Dating back to the Qajar era, Vakil teahouse was originally a traditional bathhouse. If you are fascinated by the clever architecture and unique decorations in traditional Persian bathhouses such as Ganjali Khan Bathhouse, spending a peaceful evening in one of them and having tea will be a great experience. The traditional atmosphere of this special teahouse takes you back in time and makes your Kerman trip more memorable.

Vakil teahouse kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures 3

Vakil teahouse, Kerman

Grand Bazaar of Kerman

Sartasari Bazaar or Grand Bazaar of Kerman is the longest bazaar in Iran . Each part of this vast bazaar is dedicated to a particular type of product to facilitate the process of shopping. The traditional atmosphere and beautiful architecture of this bazaar make shopping more amusing. You can find any kind of souvenir and other products in Sartasari bazaar.

Sartasari Bazaar or Grand Bazaar of Kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures 2

 Grand Bazaar of Kerman

Kerman Souvenirs

Kerman is famous for mass production of the best type of Pistachio in Iran .The pistachio harvested in this province is exported to many foreign countries. The price compared to European countries is much lower making this delicious seed the best Kerman souvenir. You can also find several special sweets in Kerman the most famous ones are Masghati, pistachio halva and Sohan. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a special gift for your family and friends handicrafts such as hand woven carpets, wicker and other special types of ground cloth such as Galim and Jajim are your best options .

Souvenirs kerman travel guide iran tour package Cheetah adventures

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