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Shiraz Travel Guide

Things to do in Shiraz, Activities, and Attractions

Shiraz is one of the most ancient cities in Iran and is located near Persepolis the capital of ancient Persia. Shiraz is known as the city of poetry and wine. Culture, history and nature are merged in this beautiful city and it will satisfy every traveler with its amazing gardens, historical attractions and the friendly atmosphere of its people. The 5th day of May is named Shiraz day in Iran to appreciate this fascinating city and its bond with nature and history. Many choose Shiraz as the most memorable city they’ve visited in Iran.

population1.9 million
Summer Temperature28 °C To 42 °C
Winter Temperature7°C To 15°C
Significant Attractions Persepolis ( Takht-e Jamshid) – Pasargadae – Arg of Karim khan(Arg-e Karim khan) – Vakil Complex – Nasir ol Molk Mosque (Masjed-e Nasir Al Molk, Pink mosque) – Naranjestan Garden ( Bagh-e Naranjestan) – Tombs of Saadi and Hafez
UNESCO World Heritage Sites Persepolis ( Takht-e Jamshid) – Pasargadae – Naranjestan Garden ( Bagh-e Naranjestan) – Eram Garden
Airports Shiraz International Airport
Public Transportation (inner-city)Bus –  Subway(2 lines) – Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)


Located in the southwestern part of Iran, Shiraz has a Mediterranean climate. The temperature is between 28 and 42 in summer and between -7 to 15 in winter. The average amount of rain is 337 mm yearly.

What to see in Shiraz: Historic attractions

Similar to some of the other cities in the central part of Iran such as Isfahan, Shiraz has several historical attractions as it has been the capital of Iran in many dynasties. Most of the monuments in Shiraz date back to Zand dynasty and are unique in architecture and interior embellishments. 

Persepolis ( Takht-e Jamshid)

The ruins of Persepolis located near Shiraz are the remains of the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid dynasty. Originally called Parseh meaning city of Pars tribe, this city is the dazzling emblem of the grandeur and beauty of the Achaemenid Empire. For those interested in history, there is no better place than this 3000 years old site to get to know this ancient civilization. Persepolis enchants every traveler with its grandeur, magnificent capitals, symbols and meaningful epigraphs. Unfortunately Alexander the Great set this masterpiece on fire in 330 B.C

Ruins of Persepolis Takhte Jamshid Shiraz Iran Cultural tour visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Ruins of Persepolis – Takhte Jamshid, Shiraz


Pasargadae ruins especially the tomb of Cyrus the Great is one of the most visited monuments by Iranians. Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Achaemenid dynast. This great leader is respected by Iranians and people all around the world for his justice, wisdom and services to his people. His collection of precepts carved on a cylinder known as the Cyrus Cylinder is the first known written statement about human rights.

Pasargadae tomb of cyrus Shiraz Iran Cultural tour travel

Pasargadae tomb of cyrus ,Shiraz

Naqsh-e Rostam necropolis

Located 10 km away from Persepolis, Naqsh –e Rostam is the eternal home of many great rulers of the Achaemenid Empire such as Darius the Great and Xeres I. In addition to the fascinating hand carved tombs there are also interesting illustrations of ancient battles and honorable victories of the kings.

Naqsh-e Rostam necropolis naghshe rostam shiraz tour visit iran package cheetah adventures

Naghsh-e Rostam ,Shiraz

Arg of Karim khan(Arg-e Karim khan)

Arg of Karim khan was built by the order of Karim khan, the founder of Zand dynasty. The outside walls of the citadel are 12 meters high and are meant to protect the buildings inside. This impressive citadel was the official residence of Karim Khan and his family and served as prison during Pahlavi era. You can visit Arg of Karim Khan at night and enjoy the stunning view of the great walls lightened up.

arg karim khan shiraz cultural tour visit iran package iran destinations top iran destination things to do tourist attractions in Iran cheetah adventures

Arg of Karim khan (Arg-e Karim khan), Shiraz

Vakil Complex

Vakil Complex was built by the order of Karim Khan for the people. This complex consists of a traditional bathhouse ( Hammam), a mosque and a Bazaar. Vakil bathhouse is one of the most famous traditional bathhouses in Iran that have been turned to a museum. The manikins and objects take you back to the time when the bathhouse was used. Vakil Bazaar is the most famous traditional bazaar in Shiraz where you can buy souvenirs and other local products.

Vakil Bazaar Shiraz Iran Culture tour visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz

Nasir ol Molk Mosque (Masjed-e Nasir Al Molk, Pink mosque)

Pink mosque or Nasir ol Molk mosque is known of its lavish tile work with pink being the main color and the stunning colorful windows of the praying hall. This magnificent mosque is the only mosque in Iran in which pink is used as the main color in the tiles and has one of the most significant Muqranas work among the mosques. The best time to visit Nasir ol Molk mosque is in the morning when the sun shines through the colorful windows and creates a dazzling view. Pink mosque is also one of the most favorite places for taking pictures.

Nasirolmolk pink Mosque Shiraz Iran Culture tour visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Nasirolmolk pink Mosque, Shiraz

Shah Cheragh holy shrine ( Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh)

Shah Cheragh holy shrine and mosque was built as a memorial for Shah Cheragh, the brother of the 8th Imam. The interior of this holy shrined is emblazoned with unique mirror work and tile work and other Islamic elements such as gold. Visiting this mosque allows you to learn about the Islamic traditions in Iran and the value of Imams among Iranians.

Shah Cheragh holy shrine ( Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh)shrine shiraz cultural tour historical visit iran

Shah Cheragh holy shrine (Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh)

Eram Garden

Eram garden is another one of the Iranian gardens on the world heritage and one of the many beautiful gardens in Shiraz. There is no valid evidence of the time it was built but it has been mentioned multiple times in journals written in the 16th century by travelers visiting Shiraz. You can enjoy the delightful atmosphere of this garden and visit its mansion as well.

Eram Garden Shiraz tour visit iran package travel cheetah adventures

Eram Garden, Shiraz

Naranjestan Garden ( Bagh-e Naranjestan)

Formerly owned by the Ghavam family, Narenjestan garden is one of the 9 Iranian gardens considered a UNESCO world heritage site. This stunning garden was used for parties and receiving formal guests by Ghavam family and gets its name from its sour orange trees. The mansion located at the end of the garden is the epitome of Persian architecture, embellished with seven Iranian arts. This delightful garden and its mansion date back to the Qajar era.

Naranjestan Garden ( Bagh-e Naranjestan) Naranjestan ghavam shiraz cultural tour visit iran tour package cheetah adventures

Naranjestan Garden (Bagh-e Naranjestan)

Maharloo lake

Located 30 km south of Shiraz, Maharloo lake is the jewel of the desert. This lake is famous for its pink color due to a special type of seaweed growing inside it. The water is extremely salty thus no fish can survive in it. However; the area round the lake is the habitat of many bird species. Maharloo Lake is one of the most famous photography spot in the central part of Iran.

maharloo lake shiraz tour iran travel package cheetah adventures

Maharloo lake

Things to do in Shiraz

Nightlife and cozy places: Tombs of Saadi and Hafez

Shiraz, the city of poetry, was the hometown of two of the most famous Iranian poets, Saadi and Hafez. Saadi is known as the master of speech for his poems talking about humanity and Hafez is known as the master of love for his unique romantic poems. The tombs of these beloved poets are filled with people at night and are great for experiencing the nightlife of Shiraz.

Tombs of Saadi and Hafez hafezieh shiraz travel iran tour package cheetah adventures 2


Similar to many other cities in Iran Shiraz has multiple types of special sweets such as Kaak and Masghati. This city also has several special handicrafts such as Kilim and Gabbeh which are special types of hand woven carpets and beautiful colorful cloths made by the nomadic tribes living around Shiraz. You can also find all kinds of decorative art work and handicrafts such as miniature, pots made out of clay, special silverware and Toreutics. All of these souenitrs can be found in Vakil bazaar.

shiraz souvenirs travel iran tour package cheetah adventures

Don’t forget to taste varieties of sweets in Shiraz!

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