Iran Visa

All about Iran Visa Policy, Fee & Requirements + Online application


Obtaining a travel visa is one of the first steps of traveling abroad. Countries all around the world have different conditions for travelers entering their country based on their nationality. Travelers coming to Iran are obligated to obtain an Iran travel visa with the exception of 11 countries due to political agreements between them and the government of Iran. The visa acquisition process has been facilitated during the last few years in order to attract travelers; thus most travelers will have to follow a certain and straight forward process to acquire a travel visa.

We’ll go through the details of getting an Iran visa in this article.

Iran Visa requirements

  • A passport (the passport should have at least six months of validity, beyond the actual travel date)
  • A clear picture of the applicant (women must have their hair covered)
  • Travel insurance 
  • A return ticket (not obligatory)
  • Visa fee (should be paid at the embassy or the airport in cash)

Travelers from countries other than the US, UK, Canada (known as the ABC countries: American, British, Canadian) can apply for an Iran travel visa on their own (at the nearest embassy of Iran or the official website of the ministry of foreign affairs) or through a travel agency like Cheetah Adventures. However; as applying through a travel agency will reduce the risk of rejection it’s normally preferred by travelers. Read How to get Iran visa for more detailed information. 

An example of iran Visa Grant Notice (after approval) application by cheetah adventures 2

An example of iran Visa Grant Notice (after approval) application by cheetah adventures