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All about Iran Visa Policy, Fee & Requirements + Online application

َPeople traveling to Islamic Republic of Iran are obligated to obtain a travel visa with the exception of 10 countries due to political agreements between them and the government of Islamic Republic of Iran.  The visa acquirement process has been facilitated during the last few years in order to attract more travelers; thus most travelers only have to follow a certain, clear and straight forward process to acquire a travel visa. 

We’ll go through the details of getting a visa in this article.

Visa requirements

  • A passport (the passport should have at least six months of validity, beyond the actual travel date)
  • A clear picture of the applicant (women must have their hair covered)
  • A travel insurance 
  • A return ticket (not obligatory)
  • Visa fee (should be paid at the embassy or the airport in cash)

Travelers from countries other than US, UK, Canada (known as the ABC countries: American, British, Canadian) can apply for a travel visa on their own (at the nearest embassy of Iran or the official website of the ministry of foreign affairs) or through a travel agency like Cheetah Adventures. However; as applying through a travel agency will reduce the risk of rejection it’s normally preferred by travelers. 

An example of iran Visa Grant Notice (after approval) application by cheetah adventures 2

An example of iran Visa Grant Notice (after approval) application by cheetah adventures

ABC Countries 

Citizens of The United States, The United Kingdom and Canada are obliged to apply through a registered Iranian Travel Agency. Also, they must be accompanied by a certified guide throughout their trip and have a clear travel itinerary. These travelers are not eligible for acquiring visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival 

Citizens of most countries are eligible for a visa on arrival (listed below). However; it’s recommended to apply for a visa beforehand due to long waiting lines and higher risk of rejection. The airports that grant VOA are as follows:

  • Imam Khomeini International Airport, Tehran (IKA)
  • Shahid Dastghaib Airport, Shiraz (SYZ)
  • Shahid Beheshti Airport, Isfahan (ISF)
  • Shahid Sadooghi Airport, Yazd (AZD)
  • Shahid Hasheminejad International Airport, Mashhad (MHD)
  • Shahid Madani Airport, Tabriz (TBZ)
  • Kish International Airport, Kish (KIH)
  • Bandar Abbas Airport, Bandar Abbas (BND)

Countries that can’t get Iran Visa on arrival

  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • Colombia
  • Jordan
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Somali

Applying by Cheetah-Adventures

As a Travel Agency, Cheetah-Adventures can apply for a visa in your stead to accelerate the process and save you the trouble. For those who choose to travel with us, visa acquirement is a part of our services and charge-free. It’s also possible for other travelers to get a visa through our agency but a fee will apply (depending on the nationality).

The process of Applying Visa by Cheetah-Adventures is pretty simple. First you have to fill out the visa application form available on our website with your personal information (name, nationality, address, preferred Iranian embassy or airport to get the visa, etc.). A clear scan/picture of your passport and a photo of yourself that meets the standards must be attached. We’ll afterwards apply for a visa on your behalf and send you the visa grant notice (a document with authorization code) within 10 working days. You can obtain your visa from the previously chosen embassy or at the airport upon arrival. Having your passport, travel insurance and photo is necessary for obtaining the visa. 


  1. Since 2018 the travelers’ passports will not be stamped to avoid further issues regarding sanctions.
  2. The travel visa is usually valid for three months and allows travelers to spend a maximum of 30 days in Iran.
  3. Citizens of Israel are not allowed to enter Iran.

List of countries that do not require Iran visa

Due to political agreements citizens of the following countries are allowed to enter Iran without visa:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bolivia
  • Egypt
  • Georgia
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela.

Countries that travel agencies cannot apply for their Iran visa

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
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