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    Attractions and Activities to enjoy your time in Kashan

Kashan Travel Guide

Things to do in Kashan, Activities, and Attractions

Kashan, the jewel of Dasht-e Kavir is one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in Iran. Many travelers choose to visit Kashan on their way to Isfahan. This oasis city is surrounded by Maranjab, Abouzeidabad, Matinabad and other deserts. Many caravanserais were built in the deserts near Kashan for the travelers and merchants to rest. Kashan is known as the city of roses for its famous rose water. Kashan is also a popular holiday destination between Iranians due to its closeness to Tehran. Many citizens of Tehran chose to spend their weekend exploring Abiyaneh village, the deserts around Kashan and the city itself.

Summer Temperature28 °C to 45 °C
Winter Temperature3°C to 12°C
Significant AttractionsTabatabai traditional house -Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse( Hammam-e Sultan Mir Ahmad) – Nushabad Undergroud City – Fin Garden -Abiyaneh village -Manouchehri traditional hotel – Persian Qanat
UNESCO World Heritage SitesFin Garden
AirportsKashan Airport
Public Transportation (inner-city)Bus – Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)


Kashan is an oasis city surrounded by desserts such as Matinabad and Abouzeidabad thus the weather is quite hot and dry. During winter the temperature is between -3 to 12 Celsius degrees and during summer it’s between 28 to 48 degrees and the number of rainy days is less than average.

What to see in Kashan: Historical attractions

Kashan has been occupied by mankind since more than 8000 years ago. While most cities in Iran are known for their magnificent palaces and mosques, Kashan is most famous for its unique traditional houses that used to belong to merchants passing by. These houses may have a normal façade but the interior dazzles every eye. This city also has amazing traditional Hammams that are the best in their own category.

Tabatabai traditional house

Tabatabai house is one of the traditional houses in Kashan that amaze every visitor with their grandeur and beauty. Although it may not seem special from the outside the interior is embellished with stunning mirror work, stucco and other Persian arts.

tabatabai house kashan tour cultural trip iran destinations top iran destination things to do tourist attractions in Iran

Tabatabai house, Kashan

Abbasi traditional house

Constructed for one of the most famous porcelain and crystal merchants in Kashan, Abbasi house dates back to the Qajar era. This sumptuous mansion is considered an architectural masterpiece for its unique architectural elements and exquisite decorations. There’s also a traditional restaurant inside where you can enjoy a meal after visiting the house

Abbasian house kashan culture tour package trip visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Abbasian House, Kashan

Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse( Hammam-e Sultan Mir Ahmad)

Dating back to the Qajar era, Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse is one of the most beautiful baths in Iran with its unique decorations and architecture. The roof of this bathhouse is also one of the travelers’ favorite places for taking photos.

Baños_del_Sultán_Amir_Ahmad,_Kashan,_Irán bathhouse iran culture tour visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Sultán Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Kashan

Sialk hill

Silak hill used to be a praying temple or Ziggurat for the people living in ancient times. This hill and the objects discovered in the area belong to the civilization located near Kashan before the Aryan came to Iran .This civilization is estimated to have existed more than 7500 years ago. This ancient hill is one of the most interesting archeological sites in Iran.

sialk ancient hills kashan culture iran trip package visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Sialk ancient hills, Kashan

Nushabad Undergroud City

This underground city dates back to the Sasani era and was used until the Qajar era. It’s the epitome of use of tunnels as a defense mechanism with its short ceilings and narrow entrances allowing only one person to pass at a time.

Kashan noushabad underground city iran tour package cheetah adventures com

Noushabad underground city

Fin Garden

Fin garden is one of the most beautiful Persian gardens and is among the 9 gardens in Iran considered a UNESCO world heritage site. This magnificent garden dates back to the Safavid era and used to be a summer resort for noblemen to escape the heat and relax. Fin Garden also includes a traditional bathhouse in which Amir Kabir, one of the most beloved prime ministers in the history of Iran, was murdered. You can enjoy the delightful atmosphere of this garden while having a cup of tea at the coffee place inside.

fin garden kashan iran tour package travel safe cheetah

Fin garden, Kashan

Abiyaneh village

Located at the edge of Dasht-e Kavir desert , Abiyaneh village is one of the most famous and unique villages in Iran. This village is known for the red color of the houses due to use of clay and the unique architecture of the village with the yard of each house being the roof of another. Abiyaneh village is one of the oldest villages in the central part of Iran with more than 1500 years of history. The inhabitants of this magnificent village still wear their traditional clothes. You can buy all kinds of local dairy products, honey and handicrafts from this village.

Abyaneh village iran cultural tour

Abyaneh village, Kashan

Niasar waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located near Kashan and in Niasar. It’s 25 meters high and has the most amount of water during spring.

Niasar watelfall in kashan tour visit iran package cheetah adventures com

Niasar watelfall


Kashan is surrounded by multiple deserts such as Matinabad,Maranjab and Abouzeidabad deserts. Many visitors choose to spend a night in one of these deserts to have a unique experience. You can have an adventurous day riding on camels, walking in the sand and riding motorcycles in the desert. You can also camp out or spend the night in one of the historic Caravanserais and stare at the thousands of stars visible at night.

Matin abad desert camp cultural tour visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Matin Abad desert camp

Things to do in Kashan

Nightlife and cozy places

If you’re impressed by the stunning traditional houses in Kashan you can spend a wonderful evening at one of the secluded traditional houses turned into a coffee place or a hotel and have tea and fruits sitting by the pool and among the plants.

Manouchehri traditional hotel

Manouchehri traditional house is another one of the traditional houses in Kashan serving as a boutique hotel. In addition to the beautiful decorations found in Persian traditional houses, architectural elements from the Safavid era can be seen in Manouchehri hotel. This stunning hotel also includes a café and restaurant that are also available for the public.

Manouchehri traditional house kashan cultural tour package visit iran tour package travel iran trip

Manouchehri traditional house, Kashan

Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel

Ameriha traditional house is the largest house and one of the most beautiful traditional houses in Kashan. It was built in Zand era and extended during the Qajar era by Saham Ol saltine family. The interior and exterior of this magnificent house are decorated with stucco and wood carving and the wind tower of this house is the tallest among the houses in Kashan. Today this amazing house is a 4 star boutique hotel where you’ll have delightful stay and an unforgettable experience.

ameriha house iran tour kashan cultural tour package visit iran travel cheetah adventures

 Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel, Kashan


Many people visit Kashan to watch the process of making its famous rose water. Rose water and other kinds of essence driven from herbs are the most popular souvenirs of Kashan. This city also has different kinds of sweets such as Baklava, Qottab and cotton candy. If you’re looking for a more unique souvenir you can buy one of the handmade rugs, Zilous or decorative tiles.

golab giri kashan rose water souvenir iran tour package

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