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Iran trips & travels with travel experts! Cheetah Adventures offers the best Iran tours to explore one of the most must-see places on the planet earth! Don’t miss the chance to be amazed by the culture, historical places and natural beauty of Iran! Best Iran tour packages hand-picked by local tourism experts!


Iran is the land of wonders and beauties. From verdurous jungles, amazing deserts and breathtaking historical and cultural monuments, Iran has many interesting attractions. In addition, Existence of tall mountain ranges, forests and the central deserts makes Iran the natural habitat of many planet and animal species. Travelling to Iran gives travelers the opportunity to observe the rich culture and history of this amazing country alongside having adventures.

With its beautiful forests, deserts and mountains and rich Persian culture and history, Iran is a great travelling destination for any taste. Visiting Iran gives travelers the chance to enjoy its invigorating nature alongside learning about its culture and history. As an Iranian travel agency, Cheetah-Adventures is pleased to create an unforgettable experience for our travelers in their Iran tour package. To do so we offer Iran small group tours, designed for those travelling with friends or family or those who like to meet new people on their Iran trip. These Iran tours are more flexible than regular ones and travelers will be accompanied by a professional guide throughout their trip. In Iran small group tours we set out to plan a memorable trip for our travelers and help them enjoy their Iran voyage.

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Cheetah-Adventures Provides 4 Types of:

Iran Tours

Traveling with our Iran tours, you’ll get freedom and flexibility to explore the amazing Iran as well as the highlights. Our trips combine the iconic with the unexpected to give you a genuine insight into the local life. Here at Cheetah-Adventures we aspire to give our travelers a truly unforgettable experience and an enjoyable trip in Iran.

Iran Trekking and Climbing Tours

Damavand tour package trekking climbing mount peak

Iran Ski Tours

Amazing Powder snow, Dizin Ski Resort dizin tochal skiing tour package

Iran Desert Tours

Kashan Cultural Tour, Nushabad, drive to Abuzeidabad iran Desert dasht e lut

Iran Cultural & Historical Heritage Tours

nasir-al-mulk-mosque-shiraz-iran tour cultural heritage depth package travel visit iran

Iran Tour Packages

Iran Cultural & Desert Tours

Cultural Tours


Price: from 1695

Days: 15

Nights: 14

Cultural Tours


Price: from 1595

Days: 15

Nights: 14

Cultural Tours


Price: from  1495 

Days: 14

Nights: 13

Cultural Tours


Price: from 1395

Days: 12

Nights: 11

Cultural Tours


Price: from 749

Days: 6

Nights: 5

Cultural Tours


Price: from 695

Days: 6

Nights: 5

Cultural Tours


Price: from 479

Days: 4

Nights: 3

Cultural Tours


Price: 65 for a group of 2-5

Days: 1

Nights: –

Cultural Tours


Price: 65 for a group of 2-5

Days: 1

Nights: –

Iran Trekking & Ski Tours

Active Tours


Price: from 849

Days: 10

Nights: 9

Active Tours


Price: from 1199

Days: 8

Nights: 7

Active Tours


Price: from 599

Days: 6

Nights: 5

Active Tours


Price: from 899

Days: 8

Nights: 7

Active Tours


Price: from 459

Days: 5

Nights: 4

Active Tours


Price: from 449

Days: 4

Nights: 3

Active Tours


Price: from 459

Days: 4

Nights: 3

Active Tours


Price: from 129

Days: 2

Nights: 1


Iran Travel Experts are ready to answer your questions

When is the best time for traveling to Iran?

Generally, April and May are the best months for traveling to Iran. The second high season period for traveling to Iran is from September to mid-November. It's recommended to book your Iran tour 3 to 6 months in advance if you want to travel to Iran during the high season. This way, you'll have various choices for hotels and flights and can get an early bird discount. For those interested in Iran trekking tours and mountain climbing in Iran, the best time is during summer. The weather is rather hot at this time of the year (30-35 degrees); however, this won't be a problem as vehicles and hotels are equipped with air conditioners. You can combine an adventurous Iran trekking tour with an interesting cultural tour.

When is the best time to book an Iran tour?

The high season for visiting Iran depends on the type of Iran tour you choose. The best time for Iran cultural/ historical tours is during April and May. However, from September to mid-November is also a great time for traveling to Iran. On the other hand, if you choose one of the Iran trekking tours, your trip must be in summer. The high season for Iran desert tours is from March to mid-May and in October and December. Furthermore, the skiing season in Iran begins in December and ends in April. You can also combine trekking tours with Iran cultural tour packages during summer. Our experts at Cheetah-Adventures will help you plan an enjoyable Iran trip and choose the best Iran destinations. Note that hotels get fully booked quickly during the high season so it's best to book your Iran tour 3 to 6 months in advance to have more options and get an early bird discount.

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Yes. Iran is a generally safe country for travelers. In addition, a trip to Iran can be entertaining for all members of the family due to its various attractions and things to do. Iran is a safer travel destination than Russia, Egypt, India, Turkey, Brazil, and Thailand, based on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report published by World Economic Forum 2019.

Is it possible to make changes in Iran tour packages or the travel itinerary?

Yes. Our Iran private tours can be altered based on your preferences. You only need to mention the desired changes in the comment section when booking your Iran tour. Our experts will contact you later and ask for the details. Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the travel itinerary for Iran group tours except for minor changes.

How is the locals' (people living in cities, villages, etc.) behavior towards foreigners?

Iranians are known for their hospitality. They are very friendly towards travelers from anywhere in the world and will kindly welcome you. Almost everywhere you go Iranians will often approach you to ask you where you are from and welcome you to their country. You can experience the world-famous Iranian hospitality in every city.

What is the dress code for Iran?

Generally speaking,women must cover their hair and wear long sleeve tunics or coats with long pants. Men must avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts. For more information on Iran dress code check the link below.

What is the capacity of Iran group tours?

An Iran small group tour normally consists of less than 10 people. You can book an Iran private tour package with the number of your companions. Larger group tours can be perfectly performed by increasing the number of tour guides. Cheetah-Adventures have successfully performed tours with more than 20 people. A Persian tour guide will be designated to the tour for every 4 people for safety measures.

How can I get an Iran visa? How much does it cost? How long does the process take?

Obtaining an Iran visa normally takes around two weeks for citizens of most countries. The process takes between 1 and 2 months and sometimes more for passport holders of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Visa services are included in our Iran tour packages. If you're not traveling with us, you can ask for a visa service or apply for it on your own. Check out our Iran Visa page for more information on Iran tourist visa and visa fees.

Can I use credit cards in Iran?

No. Unfortunately, credit cards and international debit cards can't be used in Iran and you have to pay for everything in cash. Our team at Cheetah-Adventures travel agency always values the comfort and satisfaction of travelers, thus you'll be given a Persian debit card to use during your trip. You can charge this card anytime you want by giving dollars or euros to your guide or transferring money to our account. Note that the exchange rate will be calculated daily.

Does Iran stamp passport?

since 2018, travelers’ passports will not be stamped upon entrance to or exit from Iran, & any issue regarding future trips to the US can be avoided. Read more here.

Got more questions regarding your Iran trip?

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Iran tour operator with 5-star rating on TripAdvisor

We at Cheetah-Adventures offer our travelers enjoyable Iran Private Tours. These Iran Tour packages are available for those who prefer to visit Iran with a flexible itinerary and spend their time on activities they enjoy more. Throughout our Iran Private Tours you’ll be accompanied by a private guide and have a unique Iran trip as if you were travelling with your friend. Upon contacting us, our experts will help you design your own Iran travel itinerary according to your taste and preferences and will be with you throughout the trip to ensure your satisfaction. All our Iran tour packages are designed and hand-picked by local tourism experts.

Iran is one of the most unique travel destinations in the world. From its magnificent natural attractions to its various cultures and stunning historical monuments built during almost 7000 years of history, this vast country has a lot to offer to travel enthusiasts. Iran is also a safe travel destination where people of all races and religions live peacefully and welcome travelers kindly into their country. Many travelers consider their Iran trip one of the highlights of their life for the unique and wonderful experience they’ve gained. As your companion during all or part of your Iran vacation, Cheetah-Adventures Iranian tour operator aspires to enrich your trip and make it a fulfilling and unforgettable experience. Your itinerary will be planned based on your preferences and you will be accompanied by a professional guide with great knowledge regarding Iranian culture and history and tourism.

Iran Tour Reviews

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    5 star rating Highly professional and provide maximum of experience This was our first visit of Iran and will definitely get back with experience we have had. The team who... read more

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    5 star rating Iran Damavand august 2019 It was great and it was very nice ....Iran and Damavand are beautiful ... read more

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    5 star rating Made the best of bad weather conditions! We booked a Damavand trek in the beginning of november. Chances were that the weather wouldn't be optimal to do... read more

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    5 star rating Damavand Trek We were teo hikers from Ireland looking to climb Damavand last September. It was the highest altitude we would have... read more

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    5 star rating Damavand and cultural tours Iran I am 46 years old and have been travelling for the last 25. I have to say that I was... read more

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    5 star rating Damavand, Tehran and Esfahan Our trip to Iran was a really great experience in every sense. A country which surprises you at every turn,... read more

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    5 star rating Best tour guide!! Last month I climbed Mount Damavand (5610m) with Cheetah-Adventures from the southern route. The planning was flexible and accommodating to... read more

    zeljkozakic Avatar

    5 star rating Our greatest memories Great adventure, very nice people, smiles, amazing culture, astonishing sights, tasty food, really loved the country! Thanks to our guides... read more

    jonassC9739VV Avatar

    5 star rating Qeshm und Hengam Im November 2019 reiste ich mit zwei Freunden zum Abschluss einer 18 tägigen Iran-Reise mit Ali von Teheran nach Qeshm.... read more

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    5 star rating Iran cultural tour We are glad we found Cheetah-adventures as an Iranian travel agency for our visit to Iran. Ali, Hosein, Mehrdad and... read more



Many travelers consider their Iran trip one of the highlights of their life for the unique and wonderful experience they’ve gained. As your companion during all or part of your Iran vacation, Cheetah-Adventures Iranian tour operator aspires to enrich your trip and make it a fulfilling and unforgettable experience. Your itinerary in your Iran tour package will be planned based on your preferences and you will be accompanied with a professional guide with great knowledge regarding Iranian culture and history and tourism.


If you intent to travel to Iran, here are some guidelines on things to do , attractions and activities in each of the cities in Iran.Our Iran Destinations page is the ultimate guide to all the things you need to know about visiting Iran. This page will be frequently updated to be more useful for travelers. Feel free to Contact us for more information, we’ll be glad to help!

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Cheetah-Adventures has decided to postpone or cancel all its 2020 April & May & June Iran tours for travelers’ safety.

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