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We intend to answer every question you might have before you book an Iran tour. If there is still any question you have in mind, do not hesitate to contact us.

Generally, April and May are the best months for traveling to Iran. The second high season period for traveling to Iran is from September to mid-November. It’s recommended to book your Iran tour 3 to 6 months in advance if you want to travel to Iran during the high season. This way, you’ll have various choices for hotels and flights and can get an early bird discount. For those interested in Iran trekking tours and mountain climbing in Iran, the best time is during summer. The weather is rather hot at this time of the year (30-35 degrees); however, this won’t be a problem as vehicles and hotels are equipped with air conditioner. You can combine an adventurous Iran trekking tour with an interesting Iran cultural tour

The high season for visiting Iran depends on the type of Iran tour you choose. The best time for Iran cultural/ historical tours is during April and May. However, from September to mid-November is also a great time for traveling to Iran. On the other hand, if you choose one of the Iran trekking tours, your trip must be in summer. You can also combine trekking tours with Iran cultural tour packages during summer. Our experts at Cheetah-Adventures will help you plan an enjoyable Iran trip and choose the best Iran destinations. Note that hotels get fully booked quickly during the high season so it’s best to book your Iran tour 3 to 6 months in advance to have more options and get an early bird discount. 

Yes. Our Iran private tours can be altered based on your preferences. You only need to mention the desired changes in the comment section when booking your Iran tour. Our experts will contact you later and ask for the details. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change the travel itinerary for Iran group tours except for minor changes. 

Yes. You can leave your extra luggage at our office. Your stuff will be safe with us and you can pick them up later or request for them to be sent to your address. 

An Iran small group tour normally consists of less than 10 people. You can book an Iran private tour package with the number of your companions. Larger group tours can be perfectly performed by increasing the number of tour guides and assistants. In this case, a Persian tour guide will be designated to the tour for each 4 people for safety measures. Cheetah-Adventures have successfully performed tours with more than 20 people. Checkout our TripAdvisor Page or our Reviews Page for regarding reviews.

Absolutely. You can choose one of our Iran small group tour packages with a fixed date. These Iran tour packages are designed for solo travelers and those traveling in small groups. They are also a great option for travelers who are cost-sensitive and looking for a more affordable Iran tour. You can find fixed-date offers in the price section for each tour package.

Yes. You can use international emergency numbers in Iran in case of emergencies or ask your Iranian Tour guide to call emergency units. Note that these numbers can also be dialed without a SIM card.

No. Unfortunately, credit cards and international debit cards can’t be used in Iran and you have to pay for everything in cash. Our team at Cheetah-Adventures travel agency always values the comfort and satisfaction of travelers, thus you’ll be given an Iranian Local debit card to use during your trip. You can charge this card anytime you want by giving Dollars or Euros to your guide or transferring money to our account. Note that the exchange rate will be calculated daily.

You don’t need to worry about running out of cash if you’re traveling with Cheetah-Adventures. You can transfer the amount of money you need to our account online and receive dollars, euros or Rials in Iran. 

Depending on the length of your tour, personal preferences and the type of accommodation you stay in., you may need 10- 15 euros daily for food, 10 -20 euros for transportation and 10-90 euros for one night of accommodation per person. It’s recommended to have 60-80 euros per person daily for food, transportation and staying at a normal 3 star hotel. In case you are traveling with one of Cheetah-Adventures Iran tours, 20 euros will cover food and personal expenses as accommodation, tour guide, entrance fees for attractions and transportation fares are included in your Iran tour package

Yes, cell phone signals are accessible throughout the country, except for some mountainous areas. You can buy an Iranian SIM card and use its data connection. In addition, free Wi-Fi is available at most hotels and other types of accommodation. Cheetah-Adventures provides the travelers with a portable Wi-Fi modem for free so they’d have access to Wi-Fi outside the hotel. 

All travelers are required to purchase travel insurance prior to traveling to Iran. Insurance companies offer different types of insurance and services. We recommend you check the sorts of medical attention and accidents that your travel insurance offers when purchasing it and get another one if necessary. 

If you’re a meticulous person and plan things in advance we recommend you book your Iran tour 3 to 6 months in advance and get an early bird discount

Generally it’s recommended to book your Iran tour at least two months before the beginning of your Iran trip. This way we’ll be able to apply for your Iran tourist visa in time and book the best accommodation for you. If you’ve already obtained your Iran visa or are currently in Iran you can book a tour up to one week before the start date; however, you’ll have limited options for accommodation. Note that the visa process takes longer for passport holders of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada thus, these travelers have to book their tour at least 3 months in advance. 

Yes. Please inform us of any special diseases such as cardiac disease, respiratory disease or brain lesion background or any prescription drugs you need to take. Also please let us know if you’re on a special diet (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) or have allergy to any type of food (spices, gluten, lactose).

Of course. Just avoid taking pictures of locations with a “no photography” sign. Keep in mind that it’s forbidden to take pictures of military installments, diplomatic buildings, and other political centers and will result in persecution. In addition, photography using flash is forbidden at most museums and historical attractions. It’s best to ask your guide before taking pictures to avoid any problems and misunderstandings. 

Yes. Iran is a diverse country and is home to many different races thus, Iranian cuisine is very varied and vegetarian dishes, mixed dishes and dishes with meat can be found all over the country. 

Generally speaking, women must cover their hair and wear long-sleeve tunics or coats with long pants. Men must avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts. For more information check Iran Dress Code Page

Yes. You can request a private tour, a tour that only includes you and friends or family that you’re traveling with. It’s also possible to request a private guide in an Iran group tour

Yes, you can request a female guide when booking your Iran tour

This depends on the tour package. You can find a list of services included in each of our Iran tour packages on the tour webpage. It’s possible to request a transfer service if it’s not included in your Iran tour

Yes definitely. You should get travel insurance before applying for your Iran visa. It’s recommended to get a type of insurance that covers accidents as well if you’ve chosen an Iran trekking tour. 

Obtaining an Iran visa normally takes around two weeks for citizens of most countries. The process takes between 1 and 2 months and sometimes more for passport holders of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Visa services are included in our Iran tour packages. If you’re not traveling with us,you can ask for a visa service or apply for it on your own. Check Iran Visa Page for more information on Iran tourist visa and visa fees. 

An Iran tourist visa normally allows you to stay in Iran for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days from inside Iran. You can check Iran visa for more information.

Cheetah-Adventures will apply for an Iran tourist visa on your behalf if you’re traveling with us. You only need to provide us with the necessary information and you’ll get your visa grant notice within 2 to 10 working days. You can then collect your visa from an Iran embassy or the airport upon your arrival. Check out Iran visa for more information.

Yes, you can request an Iran private tour or customized tour if you want to visit certain places in Iran or have a certain schedule. You can enter the details of your requested tailor-made tour in the link below and you’ll be informed of your travel itinerary, details and prices at the earliest opportunity. 

Travelers are required to pay a deposit equal to 15 to 25 percent of the total cost of their Iran tour. The deposit must be transferred to one of our bank accounts in Europe, the information of which you’ll receive after submitting your booking request. Check out the Terms and Conditions Page for more information on payment and cancellation policies.

Yes, you can choose any date that fits your plans better for your tour. It’s recommended to consider the weather of the cities you want to visit if you’re choosing a cultural Iran tour and consider the trekking season if you’re choosing an Iran trekking tour. 

Yes. It’s best to have your passport with you at all times as it is your only form of identification abroad. If the hotel keeps your passport you can use the receipt instead. 

Yes, you can buy all kinds of Iranian handicrafts and other souvenirs to take home.

Yes. You can request a guide that speaks your language when booking your tour. Otherwise, we’ll designate an English-speaking tour guide to your Iran tour by default. 

Iranians are known for their hospitality. They are very friendly towards travelers from anywhere in the world and will kindly welcome you. Almost everywhere you go Iranians will often approach you to ask you where you are from and welcome you to their country. You can experience the world-famous Iranian hospitality in every city. 

Yes. Generally speaking, taking pictures is allowed at most tourist attractions but avoid taking pictures wherever you see a “no photography “sign and when your guide asks you not to do so.  

You’ll be provided with every service that is included in your Iran tour package. The list of the services included in each package is available on the tour webpage. 

Yes you can mention the attractions you want to visit when booking an Iran private tour or Iran tailor-made tour. You can also email us the details. We’ll then provide you with a detailed itinerary and the price after carefully planning your Iran tour. Check Iran Destinations for information on Iran tourist destinations. 

All of the Iran tour packages with a fixed date are available in small groups. 

Yes. The prices vary slightly during the high season. For instance, Iran cultural tours cost more in April and May than in summer. 

Traveling to Iran is cheaper in comparison with similar countries. 

Booking an Iran tour can have many advantages. Traveling with a tour, you won’t need to worry about safety, accommodation and your Iran travel itinerary. Your Iranian tour guide will show you the best attractions in Iran and give you the opportunity to have local experiences as well. In addition, you’ll make use of your time in the country in the best way possible. 

The types of transportation you’ll use during your Iran trip can be private cars, buses (outer city), planes and vans, or a combination of these vehicles. It depends on the Iran tour you book, the cities you’ll visit and the number of people on your tour.  

Yes,you can request a private driver that will also be your guide when booking your tour. 

A customized/ tailor-made Iran tour allows you to have an enjoyable Iran tour based on your preferences, style of travel and time limit. If you’re  a professional traveler looking to have an Iran tailor-made tour, you can book your tour using the Iran Tailor-made Tour page. In addition, you can provide us with the details of your desired Iran tour, attractions you want to visit and things you like to do (ecotourism, sea, forests, ancient sites and ruins, biking, bird watching, wildlife safari, cooking, etc.) and we’ll plan a private Iran tour for you according to your preferences and time limit. 

Yes, you can mention your request when booking your Iran tour and we’ll plan the event for you. Please let us know if you have specific arrangements in mind. 

It’s recommended to bring enough doses of your personal prescription drugs with you; however, you can probably find most drugs in Iran as well. Please let us know in advance if you have to take a specific type of medicine. 

Yes. There aren’t any limitations in this matter. 


Fire Station125

 Keep in mind that you can also dial international emergency numbers in Iran to contact emergency units. 

Yes Iran is perfectly safe for female solo travelers. Read our Iran Safety article for more information.

Yes. Women can safely travel to Iran in groups or even alone. Read our Iran Safety article for more information.

Yes. Iran is a generally safe country for travelers. In addition, a trip to Iran can be entertaining for all members of the family due to its various attractions and things to do. Read our Iran Safety article for more information.

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