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Yazd Travel Guide

Things to do in Yazd, Activities, and Attractions

Located between Dasht-e Kavir desert and Dasht-e Lut desert, Yazd amazes every traveler with its beauty. Yazd is one of the most religious cities in Iran where Islamic ceremonies such as Moharram Mourning Ceremony is celebrated in the best way possible. Yazd is also the birth place of the Zoroastrian religion thus; it’s very famous for its fire temples. This city is known as the city of wind towers and Qanats and is the epitome of brilliant architecture in the middle of the desert. Yazd is also known as the city of sun. With its kind people and atmospheric alleyways and cafes, Yazd will steal your heart from the start.

Summer Temperature27 °C to 45 °C
Winter Temperature7°C to 18°C
Significant AttractionsAmir Chakhmaq complex – Jameh Mosque of Yazd- Fahadan Neighborhood – Yazd Atash Behram Fire Temple (Atashkade-e Yazd) – Kharanaq Village – Dowlat Abad Garden- Zoorkhane – Persian Qanat
UNESCO World Heritage Sites Historic City of Yazd- Dowlat Abad Garden
Airports Yazd Sadooghi International Airport
Public Transportation (inner-city)Bus – Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)


Located in the middle of the desert,Yazd has a dry and hot climate. The temprature during summer varies between 27 and 45 and stays between -7 and 18 in winter.

What to see in Yazd: Historic attractions

Yazd is one of the oldest and most unique cities in Iran. This magnificent city with its cob-made houses and narrow alleyways is considered a UNESO world heritage. Yazd also has many historical monuments that add to its charm.

Amir Chakhmaq complex

Dating back to the 15th century , Amir Chakhmaq complex is the most famous landmark in Yazd and the symbol of province of Yazd .This amazing complex consists of a Tekyeh, a mosque , a carvanserai, a bathhouse, and a water well. This square is still the most important one in Yazd and a favorite hangout place of the city. You can also visit Amir Chakhmaq square at night when the alcoves of the Tekyeh light up creating a stunning view.

Amir chakhmaq Complex square yazd cultural iran tour visit travel cheetah adventures

Amir Chakhmaq complex

Jameh Mosque

Being one of the most religious cities in Iran it’s no surprise that yazd has one of the most significant mosques in the country. Located in the heart of the old part of the town, Jameh mosque of Yazd is the combination of three mosques built in over 100 years. The minarets of this magnificent mosque are among the tallest in the world with 53 meters of height. Jameh mosque of Yazd amazes its visitors with its tall minarets and beautiful tile work.

jameh mosque of yazd iran travel tour package cheetah adventures iran destinations things to do in iran attractions

Jameh Mosque of Yazd

Fahadan Neighborhood

Walking around Amir Chakhmaq square and Jameh mosque of Yazd you reach Fahadan neighborhood, the oldest neighborhood of Yazd. The narrow alleyways of this stunning neighborhood take you back to the old times. You can stroll down the cool pathways of Fahadan neighborhood and spend your evening shopping.

fahadan neighborhood yazd tour iran travel guide cheetah adventures

Fahadan Neighborhood

Yazd Atash Behram Fire Temple( Atashkade-e Yazd)

Yazd is home to many Zoroastrians and has several fire temples. Atash Behram fire temple is one of the most important fire temples in Iran due to the unique type of fire kept in it . The fire burning in this fire temple is Atash Vahram, the most sacred type of fire in the Zoroastrian religion, and has been burning for 1500 years. Atash Behram fire temple is the best place to learn about one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world.

Yazd Atash Behram fire temple( Atashkade-e Yazd) Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd iran tour travel guide cheetah adventures

Yazd Atash Behram fire temple (Atashkade-e Yazd)

Kharanaq Village

Kharanaq village is one of the most fascinating and oldest villages in Iran .This 4000 year old village is still home to 140 families, most of whom are Zoroastrian.

Kharanaq village castle yazd tour guide iran travel cheetah adventures

Kharanaq Village

Chack Chak fire temple

Chack Chack fire temple, located near Ardakan,is another old fire temple in Iran. There’s a legend behind its name meaning drip drip . The legend narrates that Nikbanou daughter of Yazdgerd III, the last ruler in Sasani dynasty, escaped the Arab army and hid in the mountains. She prayed to god to help her hide so the mountain opened up and let her hide inside. The water dripping from the mountain in this fire temple is believed to be Nikbanou’s tears.

Painting on the walls of Chehel Sotun Palace, Isfahan, Iran Tour

Chack Chak fire temple

Dowlat Abad Garden

Dowlat Abad garden is one of the many beautiful Iranian gardens in Yazd and one of the nine Iranian gardens considered a UNESCO world heritage site. This magnificent garden has the tallest wind tower in the world which is the cause of its cool atmosphere.

Dowlat Abad Garden Dolat Abad Garden yazd travel guide iran tour cheetah adventures

Dowlat Abad Garden

Yazd Deserts

Yazd is another city in Iran surrounded by deserts. You can get to one of the deserts nearby and spend an adventurous day trekking, camel riding etc. You can also camp out in the desert and experience sleeping under the stars.

Yazd Deserts zarrin yazd kavir desert travel guide iran tour package with cheetah adventures

Yazd Deserts

Mount Shir ( Shir Kuh)

Shir Kuh ,4050 meters high, is the highest peak in the Yazd province .This mountain has exquisite nature and sceneries and unique wildlife. You can climb Shir Kuh and enjoy its beauties after visiting Yazd to add a little taste of adventure to your vacation.

Mount Shir ( Shir Kuh) shir kuh mount shir yazd travel guide iran tour package cheetah adventures

Mount Shir ( Shir Kuh)

Things to do in Yazd

Nightlife and cozy places: Zoorkhaneh

Yazd is the birthplace of Pahlevani ritual, one of the oldest martial arts in Iran. This sport is practiced in special gyms called Zoorkhaneh. It’s believed that the first Zoorkhaneh was built in the 13th century however Iranians valued sports and praised athletic men long before that. A Pahlevan is the title an athlete earns when he’s strong and athletic but also modest and kind towards people. You can witness the interesting perfomance of Iranian Pahlevans in one of the Zoorkhanes in Yazd.

If you liked the magnificent Fahadan neighborhood you can spend your evening relaxing at one of the traditional themed cafes in the area or at Art café where you can have a panoramic view of the city of wind towers at sunset.

Zoorkhaneh Amir chakhmaq zoorkhaneh yazd cultural iran tour visit travel cheetah adventures


Yazd, similar to many other cities in Iran, has several kinds of traditional sweets such as Qottab , Baqlava and cotton candy. The main ingredients of these sweets are flour and sugar .These sweets are usually served with tea and coffee in the evening .You can also buy original Termeh a special handwoven cloth.

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