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Experience Persian cuisine: Iran Food Tour

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Exchanging culture & experiencing Persian cuisine.

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Small group experience; Max 5.

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All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


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Price: 65€ for a group of 2-5

Availability: 4 Seasons

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Days: 1

Nights: –

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Iran Culinary Tour Introduction

People travel for different reasons. Some find historical attractions interesting while some others are looking to relax on the beach or prefer shopping. However, some tourists mostly travel to learn new things and seek different classes to participate in. Local cooking classes are some of the most popular ones among tourists.

The Iranian cuisine is one of the most diverse and most appetizing cuisines in the world. It consists of a variety of mixed rice, stews, appetizers and also drinks and sweets. For this reason, many travelers believe tasting different Iranian dishes to be one of the highlights of their Iran trip. You can spice up your visit to Iran by taking an Iranian cooking class. This way you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Persian cooking and prepare your own Iranian meal. During this Iran tour, you’ll have an Iranian culinary experience in the best way possible, learn a few delicious Iranian recipes and enjoy the dishes you’ve prepared for lunch. It’s obvious that you won’t become a professional Iranian chef in one day; however, you’ll be introduced to the main ingredients of a Persian dish and learn to mix them and cook them in new ways. Your Iranian culinary experience will be even more enjoyable as you’ll be hosted by a hospitable Iranian host in their home and have your lunch in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. After cooking your meal, you’ll enjoy it together while having a pleasant chat with the host. Your Iran culinary tour begins at Tajrish Bazaar, where you’ll buy all the ingredients you’ll need for your Iranian dishes. This way, you’ll get the chance to visit Tajrish Bazaar as well, since visiting traditional bazaars is a popular part of visiting another country. After purchasing everything that you need, you’ll begin your Persian cooking class. During this Iran tour, you’ll learn to prepare several Iranian main dishes, at least one appetizer, Iranian drinks including Sharbats and herbal teas and a special sweet for dessert.

Iran Food Tour

Location: Tajrish Bazaar, the host’s home

Duration: 8:30 A.M until the evening

Meals included: lunch, Persian beverages, and snacks

Language spoken: English (a translator will accompany travelers from other countries)

Price: 65 € for a group of more 2 or more (Max. Capacity 5 people)


  • A homemade Iranian lunch made by a housewife with your assistance
  • Fresh fruits
  • Iranian Tea and sweets
  • All transportations (from your spot to Tajrish Bazaar, to the host’s and back to your spot with a private car/VAN)

About your Persian food tour host

Your host will be an Iranian housewife with an excellent level of expertise in Persian cuisine and cooking. She will also be highly skilled in making Iranian beverages including different types of Sharbats and herbal teas.

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Iran Culinary Tour Program

You will meet your host at 8:30 in the morning at your hotel lobby. Then you’ll head to Tajrish Square to meet the chef. Your chef will present you with a menu with photos and explain the ingredients. You can choose the Iranian dishes you want to cook from the menu or ask to prepare other ones if you have a list. You can also check out our most popular Iranian dishes article and choose some of the most delicious Persian dishes such as:

  •  Ghormeh Sabzi
  • Fesenjan
  • Gheymeh
  • Loobia Polo

 You will then buy high-quality ingredients from Tajrish Bazaar before heading to the host’s home. 

Upon arrival at the house, you’ll prepare an Iranian cold drink called Sharbat to satisfy your thirst. Next, you’ll prepare the ingredients while the chef will provide you with instructions about cooking them as well as information about the origins of the Persian dishes and desserts you’ll be cooking. After preparing the meal, you’ll set the table the Iranian way and enjoy the meal that you’ve prepared as well as several Iranian appetizers, side dishes and drinks. Meanwhile, your Iranian dessert will be cooking in the oven. At last, you’ll have dessert with some Iranian herbal teas and have a chat with your host before saying goodbye and returning to your hotel. 


Cheetah-Adventures tours reviews

An unforgettable trip

We really had an amazing trip with Cheetah-Adventures in Iran. The Damavand is one of the most beautiful mountain I’ve ever climbed and the acclimatization was perfect thank to our guide. We really felt in good hands all over the ascension. After climbing the mountain and looking for a deserved relax, we ask for a touristic tour. The selection of the hotels, meals and tours were very well done and travel with our guide made Iran culture closer and magic… I’ m sure I’ll come back to Iran. I highly recommend traveling with Cheetah-Adventures.

One of the best treatments in my life.

I am 46 years old and have been travelling for the last 25. I have to say that I was not even closely expecting to receive such a professional agency treatment like Cheetah Adventures. One of the best treatments in my life.
The team is made of professional mountaineers, engineers, young managers. Everything was planned and executed just as it was agreed, and exceeding that as well.
Experienced mountaineers led us to conquer the Damavand peak (5671m) and feel all the time comfortable and with positive attitude.
The cultural trip accross Iran major cities is well organized, great accomodation, food, guide Ghazal, driver Mr. Azimi.
I strongly reccomend Ali, Mehrdad, Soroush and team to everybody wishing to visit on of the best places on earth, Iran.
Top service!

Cheetah Adventures made us to spend a really nice time in Iran

Cheetah Adventures made us to spend a really nice time in Iran. Everything was ok, according our contract. We discovered a great country thanks to them. We highly recommend to travel with this company.

They were like family to us, love you guys

Great adventure, very nice people, smiles, amazing culture, astonishing sights, tasty food, really loved the country! Thanks to our guides which were there for us from the moment when we first step until we take off, bringing us the closest moments from Damavand summit to the dusty roads and culture of Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd & Ishafan. They were like family to us, love you guys. Huge recommendations and many thanks to Gazal, Merhdad, Soroush, Mr. Azimi and Ali, you made this story for us unforgettable. Hope we will share a smile together somewhere soon!

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