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Top 10 Iranian Drinks & Beverages

Iran is a country with delicious and diverse cuisine. Iranian beverages are just as varied as their dishes. Even though drinking alcohol is forbidden in Iran, it gives travelers a great opportunity to taste different Iranian beverages. From herbal teas to sweet traditional Sharbats, Iranian soft drinks have new flavors and a lot of benefits to offer those who take the risk of trying new things. Iranian herbal teas (Damnoosh) are very popular during winter. They consist of herbal extracts and each of them is beneficial for your health and help cure minor ailments such as insomnia, headaches, cramp, etc. Sharbat is another type of Iranian traditional beverage and is popular during the summer. Sharbat is very freshening and help deal with dehydration during hot summer days. They are usually a mixture of dense boiled fruit, sugar, water, and herbal distillates (Aragh). Iranian traditional drinks are served at cafes, tea houses, traditional restaurants, and special shops called Sharbat Khane. The following are some of the best Persian drinks you have to try:

Top Iranian Drinks & Beverages

The following are some of the best Iranian Drinks & beverages you have to try:

1-Doogh (Persian Yogurt Drink)

Doogh is the most famous Iranian soft drink. This popular Iranian beverage is made of yogurt, salt, water, and sometimes herbs such as peppermint. Doogh is healthy, tasty, and ideal for drinking with meals. This refreshing Persian drink can be found almost everywhere in Iran and is one of the traditional drinks that anyone must try. Doogh is served cold and can be found almost everywhere.

ingredients: yogurt, salt, water, herbs(sometimes).

Doogh (Persian Yogurt Drink)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Doogh (Persian Yogurt Drink)


2-Sharbat-e Khakshir (Khakshir Drink)

Khakshir Sharbat is one of the best choices for the hot sunny days of summer. This cold Persian drink also acts as a natural blood purifier and is extremely beneficial. Khakshir Sharbat consists of flixweed seeds mixed with water, sugar, ice, and sometimes rosewater.

ingredients: flixweed seeds, water, sugar, rosewater.


Sharbat-e Khakshir (Khakshir Drink)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Sharbat-e Khakshir (Khakshir Drink)


3-Sharbat-e Zaferan (Saffron Syrup)

Iranians often use saffron to give their food and drinks a better taste and scent. Saffron Sharbat is one of the most simple yet most popular Persian Sharbats. It’s prepared by mixing saffron with a small amount of boiled water to get the essence out and then adding rosewater, cold water, and ice to the mixture. Saffron Sharbat is served cold and can be found in cafes.

ingredients: saffron, water, rosewater.

Sharbat-e Zaferan (Saffron Syrup)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Sharbat-e Zaferan (Saffron Syrup)


4-Gol Gav Zaban (Borage Tea)

Borage tea is a mixture of borage, valerian, and dried lemon. This herbal tea is calming and hypnotic reduces blood pressure and heals anxiety headaches. It’s also anti-spasm, improves sexual stamina, and helps the treatment of seizures and epilepsy.

Borage tea is a mixture of borage, valerian, and dried lemon. This herbal tea is calming and hypnotic, reduces blood pressure, and heals anxiety headaches. It’s also anti-spasm, improves sexual stamina, and helps the treatment of seizures and epilepsy. This popular Persian drink is served warm/hot.

ingredients: Borage, dried lemon, warm water.

Gol Gav Zaban (Borage Tea)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Gol Gav Zaban (Borage Tea)


5-Beh Limoo (Lemon Beebrush Tea)

Lemon Beebrush tea is one of the most beneficial types of herbal tea. It helps treat cold, gout, seizure, blood concentration, rheumatism, insomnia, migraines, anxiety, palpitations, asthma, high blood pressure, and diarrhea. It’s also beneficial for memory, kidneys, and stomach. Drinking this herbal tea can be dangerous for pregnant women as it contains lindens. Lemon Beebrush tea is served hot.

ingredients: Lemon Beebrush, water, honey, or sugar.


Beh Limoo (Lemon Beebrush Tea)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Beh Limoo (Lemon Beebrush Tea)


6-Sharbat-e Nana (Peppermint Sharbat) (Mint Syrup) 

Peppermint Sharbat is another one of the popular Iranian Sharbats. This freshening Iranian drink consists of sugar, peppermint leaves, and water. It’s very beneficial for the digestive system and is a good choice for hot summer days as it’s served cold.

ingredients: peppermint leaves, water, sugar.

Sharbat-e Nana (Peppermint Sharbat) (Mint Syrup)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Sharbat-e Nana (Peppermint Sharbat) (Mint Syrup)


7-Sharbat-e Sekanjabin (Sekanjabin Syrup)

Sekanjabin is one of the oldest and most famous Iranian Sharbats. It’s prepared by boiling water, sugar, vinegar and peppermint until the mixture gets dense. The mixture is then left to cool down and mixed with water and grated cucumbers. Sekanjabin Sharbat is often served cold and with lettuce.

Sharbat-e Sekanjabin (Sekanjabin Syrup)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Sharbat-e Sekanjabin (Sekanjabin Syrup)


8-Gol-e Mohamadi (Damask Rose Tea)

Damask roses are one of the most frequently used herbs in Persian drinks. Damask Rose is also used in Iranian dishes. Damask rose tea is one of the most popular types of Iranian herbal tea due to its calming effect. This Iranian drink is served hot and can be found in cafes and restaurants.

ingredients: Damask rose petals, water, sometimes, honey.

Gol-e Mohamadi (Damask Rose Tea)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Gol-e Mohamadi (Damask Rose Tea)


9-Sharbat-e Bidmeshk (Bidmeshk Syrup)

The distillate of the pussy willow plant is very popular among Iranians. The Sharbat made with it is called Bidmeshk Sharbat and is one of the best Iranian traditional drinks. Bidmeshk Sharbat is beneficial for the nervous system, migraine pains, and the heart. Similar to other Persian Sharbats, Bidmeshk is also a mixture of the herbal distillate, sugar, and water. This delicious Persian drink is served cold.

ingredients: the distillate of pussy willows, water, sugar.

Sharbat-e Bidmeshk (Bidmeshk Syrup)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Sharbat-e Bidmeshk (Bidmeshk Syrup)


10-Tokhm Sharbati (Basil Seeds Syrup)

This beverage is one of the most popular Sharbats among Iranians. Tokhm Sharbati Sharbat tastes like lemon and is a great choice for cooling down in summer. In addition, the basil seeds used in this Sharbat are a good vitamin supply and help control blood pressure. Tokhm Sharbati Sharbat is a mixture of basil seeds, lemon juice, sugar, water, and rosewater and is served cold. Basil seeds can be added to other Iranian drinks (Sharbats) as well.

ingredients: basil seeds, lemon juice, sugar, water, rosewater.

Tokhm Sharbati (Basil Seeds Syrup)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Tokhm Sharbati (Basil Seeds Syrup)


11-Ab Anar (Pomegranate Juice)

Pomegranate can be found almost everywhere in Iran and grows in the central and northern parts of the country. This sour fruit is used in many Iranian main dishes and salads. Although it’s served cold, fresh pomegranate juice mixed with powdered Persian hogweed and salt is a popular Persian beverage during winter. It can be found at every juice bar and café and is a great new taste you can’t miss.

ingredients: Pomegranate Juice, powdered hogweed, salt.

Ab Anar (Pomegranate Juice)-Iranian Beverages-Iran culture

Ab Anar (Pomegranate Juice)

Ghormeh Sabzi-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

16 essential Iranian dishes

Iranian cuisine is one of the richest and most diverse in the world. Luscious Iranian dishes usually consist of beans, vegetables, aromatic herbs, and meat; however, the ingredients vary from region to region. Even though many Iranian traditional dishes include meat, there are many delicious vegetarian options as well. Many travelers believe tasting Iranian dishes has been one of the highlights of their Iran trip and consider it essential when traveling to Iran. Even if you’re not a fan of food tourism, tasting some of the most delicious Iranian dishes can make your Iran tour more interesting and allow you a closer look into the Persian cuisine as part of the Persian culture. Don’t restrict yourself to fast food, kebab, or one dish that you tried and liked and let your curiosity lead the culinary aspect of your journey through Iran.


Here are 16 delicious Iranian dishes you must taste:


1-Abgoosht (Dizi)


Abgoosht(Dizi|) is one of the most popular and original Iranian traditional dishes. This tasty dish takes hours to prepare and is rich in nutrients. Abgoosht is prepared by boiling meat, beans, and potatoes for a long time. It’s served with Sangak (a type of Iranian bread), onions, herbs, Torshi, and Doogh. Many Iranians still have Abgoosht for lunch on Fridays (Iranian weekend), following the traditional way. Abgoosht is the traditional Iranian dish that every traveler must try before being able to say they’ve tasted Iranian food. 

Dizi Abgoosht iranian cuisine essential iran dishes cheetah adventures

Dizi (Abgoosht)- One of Iranian essential dishes

2-Ash (Iranian soup)


Ash is the name given to traditional Iranian soups; however, it’s very different from the soup. It is denser than normal soup and usually contains herbs and beans. Unlike soup, Ash is considered a main dish rather than an appetizer as it is a rather heavy meal. In addition, Ash is an original Iranian dish; however, it has become popular in other countries as well. Ash is one of the most famous Iranian dishes and is a dish every traveler must try. There are many different types of Ash in Iran and every region has its special local Ash. Some of the most famous types of Iranian ash are Ash Reshteh, Ash-e Doogh, Ash-e Shole Ghalamkar.

Ash(Iranian soup)-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Ash(Iranian soup)


3-Jujeh Kabab (chicken kebab)


Jujeh kabab is one of the most popular Persian Kebabs. It is made of chicken breasts, wings and thighs flavored with saffron, spices, and lemon juice and then grilled on a coal fire. Jujeh Kabab is usually eaten with grilled tomatoes and rice, making a delicious combination. It’s a tradition to make Jujeh kabab when going on picnics thus there are special places for lighting fire in most parks in Iran. This popular Persian kebab can be found at almost every restaurant in Iran. 

Persian Chicken Kebab- Joojeh Kabab-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Persian Chicken Kebab ( Joojeh-Kabab)



Koobideh is the most famous Iranian kebab. This tasty kebab is made of veal mixed with unions and sometimes herbs. Koobideh is eaten with rice or sometimes bread and is served with fresh herbs, yogurt, salad, olives, etc. This simple but delicious Kebab finds its way to the heart of everyone who tastes it. Koobideh is one of the most popular among Iranians and travelers and can be found at most restaurants in Iran. 

Kabab koobideh-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Kabab koobideh


5-Mirza Ghasemi


Mirza Ghasemi is an Iranian vegetarian dish originally from the north of the country. This delicious dish is comprised of chopped garlic, fried eggplants, and tomatoes and is served with bread or rice.  The combination of eggplants and garlic creates a unique taste that most travelers love. Mirza Ghasemi can also be eaten as an appetizer. 

Mirza Ghasemi-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Mirza Ghasemi


6-Ghormeh Sabzi


Ghormeh Sabzi is most Iranian’s favorite dish. It’s cooked at least once a week in most Iranian homes and is inseparable from the menu of restaurants. This appetizing stew contains aromatic herbs, kidney beans (pinto beans in some regions), onions, dried lemon and chopped mutton, veal, or lamb. The secret to cooking a delicious Ghormeh Sabzi is cooking it slowly and on low flame. Ghormeh Sabzi is eaten with normal or saffron rice and is a must-taste for travelers. 

Ghormeh Sabzi-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Ghormeh Sabzi (Iranian stew)




Fesenjan is considered the fancy Iranian stew and is often served at parties and weddings. This luscious stew can be sour or sweet depending on the region and contains walnuts, pomegranate paste, and chicken or meatballs. Fesenjan has to be cooked on low flame for hours to get ready and the longer it’s cooked the more delicious it gets. Fesenjan is one of the most popular stews among Iranians.

Fesenjan-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Fesenjan-Iranian Stew


8-Baghali Polo


Baghali Polo is another one of the fancy Iranian dishes, especially when served with meat. This luscious rice dish is very popular among Iranians and travelers and is served at most restaurants, parties, and events. Baghali polo is a mixture of Persian steamed rice with broad beans and saffron and is served with chicken or mutton. 

Baghali Polo-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Baghali Polo-Iranian Food




Tahchin is one of the most delicious Iranian rice dishes. Tahchin is also called Iranian cake due to its cake-like shape. This luscious dish is comprised of a lump of rice mixed with yogurt and saffron that has layers of chicken or meat inside. Tahchin is one of the richest and most delicious types of Iranian mixed rice and is often eaten for lunch.

Tahchin-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Tahchin-Iranian dishes


10-ِDolmeh Barg-e Mo, Dolme (Dolma)


Dolma is a type of a wrap or stuffed vegetable originally from East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan provinces in Iran. This popular Iranian dish is prepared by stuffing vegetables with precooked minced meat, rice, tomato paste, split peas, and other ingredients and coiling them. There are several types of Dolma found in Iran such as Dolme Kalam (cabbage Dolma), bell pepper Dolma, tomato Dolma, potato Dolma, eggplant dolma and grape leaves (barg-e mo) Dolma. Grape leaves Dolma is the most popular type of Persian Dolma and is mostly prepared with fresh grape leaves during spring and frozen for later.

Dolma-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture





Gheimeh is one of the most delicious and most popular Iranian stews. It is often cooked all over Iran and can be found in almost every restaurant. The main ingredients of Gheimeh are meat, onions, split peas, tomato paste, and dried lime. These ingredients are first cooked for a while and then French fries or fried eggplants are added to the stew.

Gheimeh-khoresh-gheyme-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture



12-Loobia Polo


Loobia polo is one of the most popular Iranian rice dishes. It’s a type of steamed rice mixed with a pre-cooked mixture of chopped green beans, meat, onions, and tomato paste. The delicious Loobia Polo is often served with Shirazi Salad, yogurt, and fresh herbs. In addition, the scorched rice (Tahdig) made from Loobia polo is very delicious and popular among Iranians. 

Loobia Polo-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Loobia Polo


13-Baghali Ghatogh


Baghali Ghatogh is one of the most delicious Iranian vegetarian dishes. This tasty stew is originally from the north of Iran but it’s also popular in other regions. The main ingredients of Baghali Ghatogh are broad beans, dill, eggs, and garlic. 

Baghali Ghatogh-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Baghali Ghatogh


14-Bademjan stew


Eggplants are one of the main ingredients of many Iranian dishes, especially dishes originating from the north of Iran. Bademjan (eggplants) stew is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes containing eggplants and is very popular. This Iranian stew contains eggplants, meat and onions, and different spices and raw grapes are added for the flavor. Bademjan stew can also be cooked with mushrooms instead of meat for vegetarians.

khoresh-bademjan-Bademjan stew-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

khoresh-bademjan-Bademjan stew


15-Kufteh Tabrizi


The appetizing Kufteh Tabrizi is a special type of Iranian meatball originally from Tabriz. This delicious meal is a large meatball made out of meat, split peas, and herbs with a boiled egg, walnuts, barberries, and plums in the middle. Kufteh Tabrizi is often served with bread or rice.

Kufteh Tabrizi-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Kufteh Tabrizi


16-Ghalieh Mahi


Ghalieh Mahi is a special Iranian dish local to the southern part of Iran. This appetizing stew has a unique taste and has recently become popular in other parts of Iran. Ghalieh Mahi stew contains fish, onions, garlic, sour tamarind and herbs such as coriander and fenugreek. If you’re traveling to one of the cities in the southern part of Iran this tasty stew is one of the things you can’t miss.

Ghalieh Mahi-Iranian dishes-Iran Culture

Ghalieh Mahi