Boutique hotels are among the most unique types of accommodation available in Iran.

Found in many popular Iran destinations, these hotels are often transformed old mansions that will take you back in time and mesmerize you with their stunning design.

If you’re interested in experiencing a unique stay at a boutique hotel the following are some of the best boutique hotels in Iran.

Abbasi Hotel (Isfahan)

Abbasi Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Isfahan, Iran and possibly the oldest hotel in the world, dating back 300 years.

It is situated in Chaharbagh Street in Isfahan, and was built in 1106 of Lunar Hijri, by the order of Shah Sultan Husayn of Safavid Dynasty.

This historical Iran hotel was designed adhering to the awe-inspiring style of Iranian architecture, and was reconstructed in 1351 according to modern aesthetics and standards.

Abbasi Hotel, also called Shah Abbas Hotel, which is famed as one of the most beautiful guesthouses in the world, offers 225 lodging rooms and is situated in the core of the heritage district of the city.

Easy access to leisure sites and   Iran historical attractions such as Hasht Behesht Palace, Si-o-Se Pol, Naqsh-e-Jahan(Imam) Square, and Manar Jonban, is one of the positive features of Abbadi Hotel.

By opting to reside in this hotel, which is in and of itself a tourist attraction of the city, you are sure to experience an unforgettable familiarity with the famed city of Isfahan.

The average reservation price for a room in this hotel varies between – to — euros per night.


Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

Dad Hotel (Yazd) 

Dad is a four-star Iran hotel, with traditional architecture and design, located in the center of the historical city of Yazd. Construction of the hotel’s edifice goes back to 1307 Solar Hijri.

Dad Hotel is situated closely to Yazd historical and cultural attractions such as a Zoroastrian fire temple, and The Amir Chakhmaq Complex.

Dad Hotel is comprised of four floors which together make up a capacity of 88 residential rooms, and while it maintains an aura of tradition, every room is fully equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Amongst tourist attractions of Dad Hotel in Yazd, one call list a water museum, and Ab-Anbar Shesh-Badgir.

Other hotel amenities include a traditional restaurant, which provides all traditional Iranian foods as well as foreign dishes, in a calm and pleasant atmosphere, an outdoors coffee shop in the hotel rooftop with a view of the city of Yazd, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna and Jacuzzi, a spa, et cetera. Price for reservation of a room, depending on the type falls between – to — euros per night.


Dad Hotel Yazd

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel (Yazd)

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden is a four-star hotel, situated in proximity to the heritage district of the historical city of Yazd.

This garden was built near the end of the Qajar period and was converted into a hotel in the year 1379, after the edifice and the open space of this complex were subject to alterations.

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel, is in possession of 13000 square meters of area, and was opened in 1382 as the first Iranian Garden Hotel equipped with modern amenities while maintaining traditional decorations.

This complex is located at one of the city’s entrances and through the surrounding streets, has easy access to all corners of this historical city.

The beautiful expanse of garden, with its flowing waters and fountains, designed adhering to Iranian architecture, makes this Garden Hotel into one of the tourist attractions of Yazd. This hotel has been registered in Iran National Heritage List of nationally significant monuments.

The price for registration of a room for each night varies between – to — euros.


Moshir-al-Mamalek_Garden Hotel Yazd

Darb-E Shazdeh Boutique Hotel (Shiraz)

This recently-opened Iranian Boutique Hotel has attracted the attention of many. Darb-E Shazdeh Boutique Hotel is constructed by renovating a Qajar-era residence; the spectacular and modern design utilized to embellish the rooms, sure to impress all visitors.

This boutique hotel which belongs to the Qajar era is situated in the core of the Zand area of Shiraz, reflects fully the rich cultural heritage and ancient architecture of this city; Architecture which has integrated contemporary aesthetics of design into the historical models in order to achieve a remarkable effect of timeless grandeur.

This exceptional boutique hotel in Shiraz offers amenities such as a small café, a private garden, and traditional baths. Darb-E Shazdeh Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of the heritage district of the city of Shiraz and is not far from Arg-e Karimkhan and the Vakil Bazaar.

The price of one night’s stay at this hotel is approximately between 95-220 euros.


Darb-E-Shazdeh Hotel Shiraz

Ghasr Monshi Hotel (Isfahan)

The traditional resort of Ghasr Monshi is one of Isfahan’s traditional lodges, which makes for a wonderful experience during your stay with its beautiful architecture, area with a small water pond, and colorful tinted glass windows.

The restaurant offers traditional dishes, served the traditional way.  Ghasr Monshi Hotel is located conveniently for access to all cultural attractions.

This lodge is a 15- minute walk away from the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, where one can visit Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the Ali Qapu Palace, and the neighboring Bazaar. Moreover, Chehel Sotoun, Chahar Bagh Boulevard, The Hasht Behesht Palace, Malek ot-Tojar Vineyard, and the bridge of Si-o-se-pol, are all tourist attractions located closely.

The price for reservation of a room falls between 80 to 230 euros per night.


Ghasr Monshi Hotel Isfahan

Khane Morshedi Hotel (Kashan)

The Hotel of Khane Morshedi, dating back 250 years, is located in the city of Kashan and is considered, in and of itself, one of the tourist attractions of the city.

In the recent years, the edifice has undergone renovation and reconstruction, rendering the stay a marvelous experience. Guests lodge in plush rooms embellished with exquisite hand-woven rugs and antiquities.

The city of Kashan is well-known for its natural herbal tinctures and herbal teas, and therefore, all manners and varieties of herbal tea can be found in Khane Morshedi’s teahouse.

This hotel is located in the center of Kashan and is closer in relation to historical lodges such as those of the Boroujerdi’s and the Tabatabaei’s.


Khane Morshedi Kashan

Saraye Ameriha Hotel (Kashan)

Ameriha residence complex is comprised of several distinct houses built in close proximity to each other which together account for an area of 9000 square meters, consisting of 85 rooms and 3 houses with 5 central courts, including interior and exterior halls, as well as several indoor courts.

Saraye Ameriha is renowned as one of the oldest historical edifices of Kashan. The construction of this complex dates back to the Zand Dynasty. In 1374, the Office of Cultural Heritage of Kashan embarked on a project of renovation which ended in 1379, converting Saraye Ameriha complex into a large tourist lodge.

The remarkable features of this building include the expansive two courts and the sumptuous decorations and embellishments, and the fact that it possesses the tallest wind towers in Kashan. Saraye Ameriha Hotel stands out from all edifices of Kashan with regard to age and architecture.

This historical lodge was opened as a one-of-a-kind residence lodge on khordad 26th, 1393. The price of one night’s stay in each room falls between 1150265 euros depending on the type of the room.


Saraye Ameriha Hotel Kashan

Kandovan Laleh International Rocky Hotel (Tabriz)

Kandovan Laleh International Rocky Hotel has an odd but intriguing name. Rocky? Yes, it is ‘Rocky’. Kandovan Laleh International Rocky Hotel is the third of its kind in the world.

This is a type of hotel with the rooms carved inside the mountain’s very rocks. This is a matter of course in the village of Kandovan, however. To elaborate, all residences of the village of Kandovan live in the heart of the mountain, inside rooms which have been carved out of rocks.

Kandovan Laleh International Rocky Hotel, being the only one of its kind in the entire country, is the best choice for enthusiasts of this type of villages, and for ecotourists and photographers.

A pivotal fact to remember about this hotel, is that in order to reach it, one must climb 180 steps, and this is not very pleasant for the elderly or people who suffer from an ailment.

A night’s stay in Kandovan Laleh International Rocky Hotel will provide the very same experience that residence possess of years of dwelling in this exceptional city. 

In Kandovan Laleh International Rocky Hotel, depending on which you are partial to, you may stay in ordinary rooms, or those equipped with a Jacuzzi filled with mineral water of the village, or even conoidal suites.

The price for the reservation of a room in this hotel falls between 50-98 euros per night.


Kandovan Laleh Hotel Tabriz