Iran’s Wild Animals

Iran is a diverse land of many climates and geographical features. This results in a wide range of habitats in which wildlife can excel. This country harbors unique, peerless, and stunning growth within its borders, between the two water bodies, the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Iran’s Fauna

Iran harbors a wide variety of animal species that reside in forests, rocky mountains, riversides, and deserts. Rare species live in many regions of Iran; such as the Asiatic Cheetah, goitered gazelle, Maral, and the Persian Caracal. Migratory birds also reside in Iran during some months of the year. They travel all the way from Siberia, Russia, and other countries in the region.Damavand’s Flora and Fauna visit iran tour packages travel to iran Cheetah adventures

Damavand’s Fauna

The highest peak of the country and one of the attractions of this land is Mount Damavand. This mountain is the highest volcanic peak in the Middle East and brings many daring mountain climbers to Iran annually, who are eager to conquer Mount Damavand. Hot water springs, sulfur vents, Abshar-e Yakhi, and the Yellow Flower Valley comprise this mountain’s attractions (visiting all is included in our Damavand Climbing Tour). Moreover, the organic, wildflower honey produced in the region is sought-after produce of the region.

Some Mammals of Mount Damavand include the common hedgehog, the fawn leaf-nosed bat, long-wing bat, serotine bat, rabbit, gray dwarf hamster, wolf, jackal, common fox, brown bear, otter, wild cat species, boar, and red deer(Maral). The birds include hawks, owls, pigeons, swallows, crows, etc. Reptiles are found in lower elevations, such as Macrovipera lebetinus, Alborzi Viper, Damavandi Vipera, Caucasian Vipera (which is venomous), and many more.

The wildlife in this region is, however, at risk. This is mainly due to excessive livestock grazing; but other reasons are involved too such as road construction, mining, and waste dumping.Damavand’s Flora and Fauna visit iran tour packages travel to iran Cheetah adventures


There are some frozen animal carcasses such as sheep and goats atop the faces of Damavand. They have been there for many years and are known by locals. They possibly died because of starvation or freezing, or poisoning by sulfur. While trekking Damavand, you may come across them and perhaps, opt to take bizarre, interesting photographs with them.

Iran’s Flora

Iran is in possession of a diversified plant life that covers its heights and valleys. The land has distinct seasons, meaning it has cold winters and hot summers. This gives rise to extremely different scenes of nature and fluctuating populations of various species. Moreover, it has possession of low valleys as well as tall mountains; areas in which vastly different forms of ecosystems may flourish not far away from each other. The temperate areas are covered with forests, whereas arid zones are filled with vast, striking deserts, populated with their own forms of wildlife.Damavand’s Flora and Fauna visit iran tour packages travel to iran Cheetah adventures

Damavand’s Flora

The vegetation varies at different faces of the mountain, and at different altitudes. Some of the plants unique to Damavand you may only see by climbing up to certain heights; for example, the bushes at the higher altitudes are usually spiny and long. The main plants of this region are: Kolah-e Mir Hassan Damavandi, Kezel Damavandi, Bu Madaran-e Damavandi, Pir Giah-e Damavandi, and others.Damavand’s Flora and Fauna visit iran tour packages travel to iran Cheetah adventures

A special species of Mount Damavand is the Poppy which occurs at 2000 to 3500 m in height. The name by which the Damavand Poppy is known is Shaghayegh-e Lar.

In case you are interested in visiting the highest peak of Iran to see these attractions yourself, we recommend consulting with expert leaders regarding the season of the year to visit. This is in order to ensure you witness the views described and experience a memorable climb, via our Damavand Climbing Tour Package.Damavand’s Flora and Fauna visit iran tour packages travel to iran Cheetah adventures