Iranian Beverages Articles & Guides

It’s a fact that cuisine is an important part of every culture and tasting the most delicious dishes and drinks of a country is an interesting part of traveling. Iran, similar to any other country, has a variety of special beverages that travelers must try. Iranian beverages are mostly made of different herbs and herbal distillates. In addition to their taste, what makes Iranian beverages special is their many benefits for health. Iranians have long had the habit of drinking herbal teas and some herbal distillates for their benefits. They exploit the natural benefits of plants in both hot and cold Iranian drinks to reduce stress, relax and alleviate minor pains, digestive problems, insomnia, etc. Furthermore, Iranian beverages can also be mixed with several special seeds that have many benefits on their own. One example of this is Khakshir Sharbat, an Iranian cold drink containing flixweed seeds that help stay cool during summer.

Iranian beverages can be divided into Iranian cold drinks and Iranian hot drinks. They also fit into several general categories such as Sharbats, Herbal teas ( Damnoosh), etc. Some of the most popular Iranian beverages are Borage tea, Dough, Damask Rose tea, Saffron Sharbat, and Saffron Sharbat. You can find detailed information about Iranian drinks including recommendations, ingredients, benefits, etc. in our Iranian beverages articles to make sure you won’t miss the best Iranian beverages when visiting Iran.