Mount Damavand Fake Summit or Triangle Shaped Rock at 5300m - Damavand Tour Trekking

Damavand Fake Summit

The summit you can see standing near Bargah-e Sevom hut is actually a fake summit with 5400 m of elevation. 

Taking the southern Damavand trekking route, the most commonly used route, you’ll reach Bargah-e-Sevom hut, the nearest hut to the summit, after passing by Goosfandsara hut. The summit visible from this point is actually a fake summit with 5400 m of elevation and is located right before Damavand sulfuric hills. The real Damavand summit won’t be visible until arriving near Damavand fake summit. The reason for this is the gentle slope of the last part of the Damavand trekking route. Therefore, the sulfuric hills near the Damavand summit are hidden behind the fake summit from the trekkers’ perspective.  Read more

5-Acclimatization above Bargah-e sevom Hut-Mount Damavand Difficulty Trekking Tour Climbing Guide,

Mount Damavand Difficulty

The difficulty level of climbing any mountain depends on the pressure applied to the mountain climber when ascending and descending it and how difficult the trek is for them. Many factors determine the level of difficulty of a mountain such as the technique that the mountain climber uses for his trek. In this article, we’ll discuss the three main factors that are important for determining Mount Damavand difficulty: The Mountain itself, the climbing season, and the trekking route. Read more