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Damavand Fake Summit

The summit you can see standing near Bargah-e Sevom hut is actually a fake summit with 5400 m of elevation. 

Taking the southern Damavand trekking route, the most commonly used route, you’ll reach Bargah-e-Sevom hut, the nearest hut to the summit, after passing by Goosfandsara hut. The summit visible from this point is actually a fake summit with 5400 m of elevation and is located right before Damavand sulfuric hills. The real Damavand summit won’t be visible until arriving near Damavand fake summit. The reason for this is the gentle slope of the last part of the Damavand trekking route. Therefore, the sulfuric hills near the Damavand summit are hidden behind the fake summit from the trekkers’ perspective. 

Mount Damavand Fake Summit

Damavand fake summit is also known as the triangular peak due to its shape resembling a triangle. Another way to distinguish between Damavand fake summit and the real one is knowing that Damavand summit has a rather vast area and is therefore not seen as a sharp peak from the distance. The famous Damavand volcanic crater is located on Damavand peak. 


On the top of the Damavand fake summit, beginning of the sulfur hill at 5350m, Lar Lake at the background

On the top of the Damavand fake summit, beginning of the sulfur hill at 5350m, Lar Lake at the background

The geological features of the southern Damavand trekking route change after you pass the fake summit. For instance, you’ll be able to see the holes that emit sulfuric gases if the sky is cloudless. You’ll also realize that some parts of the path have turned green or yellow due to the existence of sulfur in the soil. Passing by Damavand fake summit, you’ll have to trek on a gentle slope to get to Damavand peak. This area is known as the danger zone; thus, it’s important to keep the following points in mind.

  • Never trek in this zone during foggy or unstable weather as the routes are difficult to distinguish.
  • Don’t give in to the temptation to conquer the summit as you might get lost when descending.  
  • Have a neck gaiter, scarf, or buff with you to cover your mouth and nose as the smell of sulfuric gasses may be unpleasant.
  • Pay attention to the timing. It’s better to return to the hut if you’re making progress slowly or feeling exhausted.
  • Have a GPS with you and save the route map on it in advance.
  • Climb Mount Damavand with a professional mountain guide or in groups if you have the opportunity. Checkout our Damavand Trekking Tour and Damavand Expedition Tour for more information.

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