Mount Damavand Facts & Information: Things to know about Damavand in 2021

Mount Damavand is a potentially-active stratovolcano in Iran. It is 5610 meters high, making it the most prominent peak in Iran and the Middle East. Mount Damavand is also the highest volcano in Asia and one of the volcanos in Volcanic Seven Summits challenge. This magnificent peak has always been popular among mountain climbers, adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Therefore, Cheetah Adventures has felt the necessity of gathering reliable and precise information on Mount Damavand and anything related to climbing it. Many articles containing necessary technical and general information on Mount Damavand including Mount Damavand height, Damavand volcanic activities, Damavand trekking routes, Damavand Mountain difficulty level, Damavand huts and shelters, Damavand safety, etc. is available here in the Mount Damavand section of our Iran travel blog.

Moreover, there is plenty of additional information on Mount Damavand attractions such as Damavand glaciers, Damavand frozen lake and waterfall as well as many nearby attractions including Lar National Park, Rineh Village. We intend to give our fellow mountain climbers easy access to anything they need to know for climbing Mount Damavand from the best season to climb to the available routes and even the history behind measuring Mount Damavand elevation. We find it crucial to provide our travelers with enough information on this amazing mountain to give them a sense of security before their attempt to conquer Damavand Peak and enable them to enjoy their Damavand Trek better.

In conclusion, all the information mountain climbers, adventurers, and skiers intending to climb the mighty Mount Damavand might need before or during their Damavand trek can be found either here or on our Mount Damavand page.

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Damavand Sulfur Hill

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Damavand Summit Lake

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