Volcanic seven summits mountaineering climbing challenge damavand success conquere volcano continent 2

Volcanic Seven Summits Conquest Challenge 

Mountain climbing challenges Mountain climbers generally need…
Abshar Yakhi Damavand-mount damavand mountain trekking tour (3)

Damavand Frozen Waterfall

Yakhi Waterfall/Icefall( Abshar Yakhi) is a waterfall located…

Best Mountains to Climb: Top 9 Peaks to summit before you Die!

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Mount Damavand Fake Summit or Triangle Shaped Rock at 5300m - Damavand Tour Trekking

Damavand Fake Summit

The summit you can see standing near Bargah-e Sevom hut is actually…
5-Acclimatization above Bargah-e sevom Hut-Mount Damavand Difficulty Trekking Tour Climbing Guide,

Mount Damavand Difficulty

The difficulty level of climbing any mountain depends on the…
A brilliant view of Damavand (5610m) from the top of Doberar Peak (4250m) Mount Damavand Elevation height relative

Mount Damavand Elevation

Mount Damavand (5610 m) is the first natural attraction in Iran…
7-Frozen Sheep on the top of Damavand (5610m)

Mount Damavand Frozen Animals!

Standing on Mount Damavand summit, you may realize several frozen…