Iran is undoubtedly an ideal and relatively cheap mountain climbing destination. Its amazing major mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, include many peaks with more than 4000 m of altitude.

The beauty and diversity of Iran mountains may make it difficult to choose which one/ ones to climb. For this reason, we will introduce the top three Iran mountains, all of which are also unique in the country, in this article.

Mount Damavand is known for being the highest volcano in Asia while Alam Kuh is famous for its technical routes and its Big Wall and Mount Sabalan has a magnificent nature.

Mount Damavand

Being the most prominent peak in the Middle East, Mount Damavand (5610 m) is the obvious choice when it comes to trekking in Iran. This lone potentially active stratovolcano is also the highest volcano in Asia, making it one of the Volcanic Seven Summits.

You can read about this beautiful mountain on our Mount Damavand page. You can also find tours to climb Mount Damavand on our Iran trekking tour packages page or in our Damavand Tour Page.

Highlights of Mount Damavand trekking tours:

  • You’ll climb the most prominent peak in Iran
  • It’s the highest volcano in Asia
  • It’s also suitable for amateur mountaineers
  • Existence of normal (non-technical) Damavand trekking routes
  • You get to see its unique glaciers
  • You’ll see Damavand Lake
  • There are equipped huts and shelters
  • It’s possible to climb Damavand in under a week
  • It’s safer than other similar mountains
  • You’ll have the chance to visit the fascinating Lar National Park
  • You’ll get an insight into the rural life of Iran
  • You can enjoy Damavand Hot Springs after your Damavand trek
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Damavand Mountain (5610m)

Alam Kuh (Mount Alam)

Alam Kuh (4850 m), also known as the Alps of Iran, is the second-highest peak in the country. Alam Kuh is located in Takht-e Soleyman, a region including many other high peaks.

Alam Kuh is also known as one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran and a paradise for mountain climbers. You can find more information about this amazing mountain on our Alam Kuh page.

Highlights of climbing Alam Kuh:

  • It’s the second-highest peak in Iran after Mount Damavand
  • It’s near almost 40 other peaks in Takht-e Soleyman Region with more than 4000 m of altitude
  • Has technical routes that the professionals can trek on
  • The possibility of Big Wall climbing on Alam Kuh Big Wall
  • Climbing Alam Kuh will prepare mountaineers for climbing Mount Damavand
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Alamkuh, The Alps of Iran

Mount Sabalan

Mount Sabalan is another important and beautiful mountain you can climb in Iran. This volcano is located in Ardabil province, which has a stunning natural environment.

Mount Sabalan is the third-highest peak in Iran with 4811 m of altitude. You can learn more about Mount Sabalan in our Mount Sablan page.

Highlights of climbing Mount Sabalan:

  • It’s the third-highest peak in Iran
  • It has amazing nature
  • It’s a potentially-active volcano
  • Climbing Mount Sabalan can prepare mountaineers for climbing Alam Kuh and Mount Damavand
  • It’s frozen lake is one of the most unique lakes in Iran
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Mount Sabalan

You can find tours to climb Mount Damavand, Mount Alamkuh, or Mount Sabalan on our Iran trekking tour packages page.

In addition to these three mountains, Mount Tochal is also a popular destination for climbers & trekkers, since it is very close to Tehran and the tochal peak has 3960m height.

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