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The coronavirus pandemic has affected many everyday activities as well as travel plans. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there’s no completely safe way to take a trip this summer. But there are methods to reduce the risks and book responsibly. We at Cheetah-Adventures have always put the safety of our travelers above all else and thus will follow a strict healthcare protocol to make sure our travelers are as safe as possible. We’ll do our best to reduce your concern and help you enjoy your trip. Some of the safety measures that will be taken are:

  • All travelers will be provided with masks, gloves and disinfectant sprays
  • All vehicles will be disinfected
  • Tour guides and other Cheetah-Adventures employees will be tested for COVID-19
  • Meals and drinks will be prepared with attention to sanitary guidelines
  • Hotels and other types of accommodation chosen will follow the principles of cleanliness
  • In case any of the travelers show symptoms of the disease he/she will be transferred to special healthcare centers and hospitals immediately. ( Your guide and driver will have the address and phone number of these centers)
  • Sightseeing and visiting attractions will be scheduled in a way that enables practicing social distancing


We’re aiming to make your trip as safe as it can be during the coronavirus outbreak by following this protocol.

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Stop The Spread of Germs Recommendations by CDC


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