Hotels located on beaches and in jungles are extremely popular with travelers, especially for romantic getaways.

The magical scenery visible from the windows of these hotels and their ideal location can make a trip memorable.

Such hotels are plenty in Iran and in this article, we will introduce some of the best Iran Shore Resorts and Jungle Lodges.

Toranj Hotel (Kish)

Toranj-e Kish hotel, with its out-of-the-ordinary design, was opened on the celebrated waters of the Persian Gulf in the year 1394. This hotel is located northwest of Kish, in an untouched, unspoiled expanse of nature.

Toranj-e Kish Hotel was defined in two phases; the first with a handsome paisley design on the surface of the water, and the second phase, with several floors, on the shore of the island.

All the rooms of Toranj Hotel have glass floors and balconies, making possible a thorough enjoyment of the terrific views of the Persian Gulf water and the striking sunset and break of dawn.

In the course of construction, the architects of this complex endeavored to ensure the smallest amount of damage possible would be inflicted upon the natural environs and the ecosystem of the area.


Toranj Hotel, Kish Island

Salar Darre Hotel (Sari)

Salar Darre Hotel was opened in Sari in 1352. The entire edifice of the hotel underwent reconstruction in 1388 and was equipped with modern luxurious decorations and amenities.

Salar Darre Hotel complex is comprised of 56 rooms and suites, boasting hotel facilities such as a tennis court, a shopping center, a tea shop, et cetera.

Salar Darre Hotel is located in the heart of Hyrcanian Woods, which has been registered on Iran’s List of Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and the locality is idyllic: sublime weather, proximity to a river inside the woods, and rooms with a view of the trees.

Salar_Darre_Hotel_Sari_Mazandaran_Iran_Top_Shore_Resorts_and_Jungle_Lodges_Cheetah_Adventures_Iran_Hotels_Accommodation 2

Salar Darre Hotel, Sari, Mazandaran

Marina Park Hotel (Kish)

Marina Park is a five-star hotel located in the most beautiful area of Kish, on land more than 10 hectares in size. It opened to the public in 1390, not only as a hotel but also as an entertainment complex.

The rooms and suites of the hotel, in accordance with the inclination of all you esteemed guests, have a view of either the sea or the park. The hotel’s restaurant also possesses a terrific view of the Persian Gulf, and the complex owns a food court situated on the very shore.

In addition to all that is mentioned, the 750-meter line of the shore, which is managed by the hotel, offers recreational amenities such as diving, jet-skiing, a gym, and seaside leisure activities, and a water park. Marina Park Hotel also offers amenities such as a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, a spa, and a tennis court.

The proximity of the hotel to the bike road, which tracks all around the island can also be noted.


Marina Park Hotel, Kish Island

Bame Sabz Hotel (Ramsar)

This hotel is situated at a height of 700 meters from sea level and has a vast, impressive view of the neighboring woods and the Caspian Sea. The hotel is comprised of two sections: the woodland village and the VIP suites.

Each of these suites, depending on the name they have been given, has a special architectural design. If you prefer not to stay in a suite, you always have the option of the jungle’s hovels.

These hovels have been fully equipped and modernized, and are constructed in the middle of the woods, in a world far from the hectic life of the city.

The station of the mountain’s cable car route is located on the fifth floor of this edifice and transportation to Bame Sabz Hotel occurs through the cable car route.


Bame Sabz Hotel, Ramsar, Mazandaran