Damavand Summit Lake is located at 5600 m of altitude (10m below the highest point on Mount Damavand) inside Damavand volcanic crater.

This lake is located exactly in the center of the hypothetical circle that is the Damavand volcanic crater. The amazing Damavand Lake is frozen for most of the year and the ice only melts slightly during sunny summer days around noon.

This frozen lake creates beautiful scenery despite its small size.

Damavand Summit Lake

Despite being a freshwater resource, Damavand Summit Lake doesn’t attract much attention due to its high altitude.

However, it’s become an interesting natural attraction due to its constant frozen state. The northern edge of the Damavand volcanic crater is usually covered in snow due to a lack of sunlight.

This pile of snow supplies Damavand Lake during the summer.


Damavand Summit Lake

Unfortunately, Damavand Lake has been shrinking yearly as a result of global warming.

In 2019, some of the Cheetah-Adventures mountain guides reported – after their Damavand trekking tour – that there had been nothing left of the lake but a pile of snow on the northern edge of the Damavand volcanic crater.


Damavand Lake in Summit Crator